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The springs on a garage door are large coils of spring steel, used to lift and lower a garage door. When these springs are installed and adjusted properly, they exert the majority of the effort required to open or close the door. When opening the door manually, the homeowner should only have to overcome the initial load. Once the door begins to move, the springs take over and complete the task. Over time, the springs can lose their tension or fail as a result of lack of maintenance. When this happens, a homeowner should contact a company that provides garage door spring repair in Davenport, FL.

Garage doors employ two different types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Each type of spring is used on a different type of door. Torsion springs are used on sectional roll-up doors, while extension springs are used on one piece swing-up doors. On sectional roll-up doors, the torsion springs are located on either side of the center of the door at the top. For swing-up doors, extension springs are an integral component of the swing arms on either side of the door.

When garage door springs are extended, they are under tremendous load. In the event of a failure, the garage door can suddenly drop on the operator or a vehicle. Because a garage door is rarely seen as something that needs attention, the springs, tracks, rollers, and other components can fail without notice. Once a year, a skilled technician that provides garage door repair in Davenport, FL should be called to give the door an inspection and replace any parts that are close to failure. A technician that offers garage door repair can ensure that all other components are in good working order, including spring adjustment. When garage door springs are not adjusted properly, the door will either be difficult to lift or just the opposite, it will fly up out of the hands of the operator.

Different doors use different lengths and sizes of springs. The amount of tension the spring has is relative to the weight of the door it will be installed on. Garage doors are not light, so having the right spring is essential for the door to operate properly and safely.
Changing a garage door spring is not a DIY project. Replacing a spring can be dangerous, and must be left to technicians well-versed in garage doors repairs in Davenport, FL.

With the distinct possibility of injury or making the problem worse, garage door spring repair should be carried out by a professional in Davenport, FL. You are invited to contact Business Name for more information.

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