People spend much of their time buying wall paper and paint when it comes to wanting a new look for a room. However they seem to neglect the windows. Curtains can add charm and style to any room. Matter of fact, curtains enhance the beauty of a home and achieves a tranquil atmosphere. There are considerations in selecting the perfect curtain for your home. Aside from choosing the right curtain that complements every element of your home, the window size, the wall colour and the scenery you will see that a curtain will give a window the attention it deserves.

Styles of Curtains

Primary consideration is the space of a wall. It is important that there is an adequate amount of space of a wall for the curtains to be able to flow beautifully. In addition, the right curtain will allow the natural light into a home which can add a dramatic look to the atmosphere. When looking for curtains in Chudleigh, you need to turn to a well-reputed company like Rochelle’s Curtains for their wide selection of many styles, designs, colours, sizes, and fabrics of bespoke curtains. Professionals carry a range of curtain heading styles such as tab top, pencil pleat, wave, goblet pleat, eyelet, double pleat, pinch pleat and more.

Reasons to Choose a Well-Established Company:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Wide-Range of Fabrics Available
  • 50 Years of Combined Experience
  • Fitting Service
  • No-Obligation, Free Quotes
  • Free Measuring
  • Free Home Consultation

Beautify Your Home with Bespoke Curtains

Rochelle’s Curtains is a well-established company that offers high-quality yet affordable curtains in Chudleigh. When you make the decision to renovate the interior of your household, why not beautify your home with bespoke curtains. Cost-effective curtains are the ideal way to transform the appearance of your home. Click here for more information.

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Curtains are known to be part of décor that most homeowners take for granted forgetting they can easily make or break their homes cohesive fit out!

Are you considering decorating your whole home or a room? Then the process of choosing curtains is certainly a decision you can never afford to take lightly. With several readymade curtains available in the market, updating the dressings of your window should never be a great problem as it used to be.

Below are some of the important tips and tricks you can use when choosing your curtains in Bovey Tracey.

1. Where to Begin

In case your home is a completely black canvas, one of the great places you can start is choosing your windows dressing especially when it comes to setting the style of the foundation that you want your home to take. However, in case you are working with your current décor and just interested in updating your curtains, you need to make sure that you go for something that you will truly love.

2. Fit for the Function

You need to consider the type of practical purpose you want your curtains to fulfil. It is important that you consider whether to:

  • Soften or dress a window
  • Keep out the draughts or insulate a room
  • Reduce glare or block out light
  • Protect furnishings

By considering the requirements listed above, you will be in a position to determine the type of fabric you will need.

3. Fit for Season

Although it might not be practical to go for different curtains for the seasons, you will always have options that will offer you versatility all year round. For example, you might be interested in thermal backed or lonely heavy curtains in the winter. You also have to consider how you will feel during the summer.

4. Choose Your Style

There are several options when it comes to curtain rods or tracks. In case you do not have one, it is high time you consider what you would like to go for. It can either be pencil pleat curtains or the eyelet curtains. Click here for more information.

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Curtains are so much more than fragments of random material that retain light out and give privacy at night. Similar to all aspects of interior design curtains provide the setting ambiance and meaning to your home. Moreover, they play an important role in the overall aesthetics of a room. Curtains in Chudleigh come in an array of styles to suit your budget and individual requirements. Different types of curtains include;

1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a great way to illuminate your home giving you light and airy atmosphere. Its fabric permits limited privacy and still allows some light. These curtains are used as secondary blinds meaning the primary blind can be used to block out light and then dragged back to expose the sheers which let light in while still curtailing visibility into the room. Sheer can be customized into styles considering its light weight property and delicateness. However, it can be made official when the curtain topmost is sheathed in a pelmet.

2. Pinch Pleated Blinds

Pinch pleated blinds give a more official appearance than standard gathering. Pinch pleating works with numerous material kinds. Pinch pleating curtains are of five different types namely; five finger pinch pleats, four finger pinch pleats, three finger pinch pleats and two-finger pinch pleats. An increase results in a corresponding increase in the amount of fabric needed to make the curtains.

3. Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains commonly referred to as eyelet curtains are perfect for light to medium weight fabrics. Eyelet curtains suspend it freely making this style ideal for toddler bedrooms as they are stress-free to open, close and maintain. Moreover, when made with a formal fabric they are a great preference for a modern bedroom or lounge.

4. Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains contain fabric loops on the top and can only be suspended on curtain rods. Tab tops are suitable for all weights of fabrics and commonly used for informal purposes. For more information on curtains types and their importance, get it touch to Rochelles Curtains & Blinds.

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