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It is a very wise choice to seek out the professional help of financial services. In Kent, there are a number of firms as well as individuals offering these services, and comparing your options before making a choice is always important.

Websites are a good source of information on any financial planners, advisers or firms. However, websites only provide limited information, mostly about the services the firm or individual offers as well as their professional status and their essential information.

Before hiring any financial services, take the time to reach out and speak to the company by phone or in person. This will provide you with a true understanding of the professionalism, the ability to communicate and if the adviser is a good match.

It is also important to ask three simple questions. Listening carefully to the answer and comparing two or more different advisers will be very helpful in finding the right professional in Kent to work with now and into the future.

Regulatory Authorisation

It is a must to ask and verify the financial adviser is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA. This provides protection to consumers and also ensures the firm meets specific regulatory requirements.

Specialisation and Specific Planning Expertise

Not all financial services are equally equipped to provide the level of expertise in all financial planning possibilities. Make sure the company or individual selected has more than a small amount of experience in working in the type of financial planning you require.

Keep in mind, the more experience a financial planner has, the more benefit you will receive as they have a broader scope of knowledge. Some companies, such as CA Financial Services, offer both specialisations as well as extensive experience, creating advantages for clients for all investment and financial goals. You can also like their Facebook page for more updates.

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Send money to India from UK

Send money to India from UK

Posted By on Apr 29, 2016

It is very simple to send money to India from UK. You will just have to shortlist few good online service providers’ sites and compare who is the best when it comes to exchange rates because international market may fluctuate at any given time and no one accurately speculates about those fluctuations. Therefore, you need assurance against such upset, which is your utmost concern too. However, natural instinct suggests that after fulfilling basic needs we move ahead in search of higher need so the same principle works in case of remittance. Once you ensure that specific online service provider is best suited to your demands you will look for something more. is the only web site that looks after “something more” and endeavors to accomplish advance requirements of non-Indian Residents of UK. Once you book the transaction and remit to India via you will start receiving updates about latest offers and programs designed for you by taking into account contemporary as well as futuristic trends. RemitGuru intends to keep everything transparent till the transaction is successful, therefore you will receive all the updates about transaction and once the recipient receives the amount you will be intimated either via sms or email. When you do more than one transaction with us, you will notice it’s a bliss to send money India by using online service for remittance. Initially it will take 3 days but after completing the process of know your customer; everything will become easy in terms of remittance.

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