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Any type of move can be stressful on a person with the various tasks that need to be completed. Whether they are moving across town or further away, relocating to a new home is not chore. Especially, if the move requires the individual to relocate to another country it can be a challenging move for them. While overseas move requires the same tasks to be completed, it also requires various other challenges such as securing the right documents required for an international move. With the services offered by overseas removal in Devon, it can help simplify the process and make it easier on everyone involved with the move.

How a Professional Can Help

One of the primary benefits of hiring a company that offers overseas removal in Devon can offer is the experience essential to make the transition. They can supply the person with the professional service required to ensure their property arrives at its new destination safely. As experts, they will know how to pack the belongings to help protect them from being damaged during the move. While the individual focuses on other important tasks such as preparing their new home or filing important documents with the new country. The removal service can pack their property for the homeowner and ship their belongings to them.

Reduce the Stress of Moving with a Well-Established Company

When relocating overseas, you want to select a company that has built a reputation for being reliable and providing exceptional service. Since 1976, Rose Removals and Storage of Devon has placed their focus on meeting their clients’ needs when they are moving to a new location. From packing their property to storing, they work closely with their clients to help make their transition easy. Why deal with the various challenges that moving can cause when an expert is ready to help you?

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You can make your overseas removals in Devon easier by taking a few steps ahead of the removal to ensure that everything moves along nicely!

Step 1

Your very first step on your overseas removals in Devon is to ensure that you hire on the right removal company. This one step is clearly the most important to ensuring not only the timely removal of your goods but to also reduce the risk of damage to your goods. The right company is critical in your move. Choosing the right company can mean really not having to life another finger until it is time to move.

Step 2

Protect your most valuable goods. Jewellery, family heirlooms, precious art will need special handling during your move. You may want to consider separating those pieces that are of high sentimental or monetary value so as to make sure it is that much safer.

Step 3

Keep a calendar! It can be difficult to keep track of important dates and things that you need to get done before the removal and before you can set up home in your new place. Writing everything down and keeping it all in a safe place that you can refer to will ensure that you can get everything done in the time frame that you mean to get done.

Back to step 1- no matter what else you do, you must choose a trusted provider when it comes removals. Basically this one step will shape everything else that happens during your removal. The right company will help you to manage the entire removal with ease. Rose Removals and Storage of Devon offers the kind of support that you need to make your move much easier! Call for quotes today and get your plan into motion!

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Strategically planning a move overseas

Strategically planning a move overseas

Posted By on Dec 15, 2015

Many of the factors that you would need to consider when making an international move would be similar to a domestic move. You will still need to pack up all your belongings, and probably to sort through the things that should be left behind. You would still need to make arrangements for having services terminated, and would need to provide forwarding addresses to your friends and suppliers. However, when you are moving overseas, there are many other factors that need to be considered.

Choosing an Exeter concern for overseas removals

The first thing to be aware of is the added length of time in transit. Thus, if there are things that you will need daily, like a laptop, this would generally not be packed for shipment. There are strict rules pertaining to the import of certain items, so foodstuffs – even those that have an extended shelf life – should not be packed. You would need to partner with a company that has experience in overseas moves and can give you up-to-date information about the various regulations that would apply.

Another factor you might consider is whether you can be given a door-to-door service with one invoice and one company taking responsibility. Unless you’re partnering with an international firm, you may find that your Exeter overseas removals company is working with a partner. This is still preferable as it means that you have one point of contact if there is a complaint. If more than one company is involved, you could find yourself in a situation where both companies point the finger at the other, and it takes forever to resolve your problems. You can click here to get more information.

Prepare thoroughly in advance

For an overseas move, you need to prepare well in advance and choose carefully as to the removal company you partner with. Most reputable companies are booked months in advance – and if they’re not, you should wonder why not! You may choose to do your own packing, but an overseas move requires containers for shipment, so the removals crew would need to fill the container on your behalf. If you already have filled suitcases and boxes, the time will be greatly reduced. However, the more you pack yourself, the less you can hold the removal company liable for any breakages. Accidents do happen on ships – all too frequently. Containers can move about and even carefully packed goods can become damaged, and rough weather has been known to cause seawater to damage the contents of containers. If you have a good contract with a reputable firm, they should be able to settle your claims on your behalf.

An overseas move requires a company with experience in overseas removals in Exeter. Rose Removals and Storage of Devon are professionals with expertly trained staff, and have an office you can contact in Exeter.

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