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You cannot be home all the time, nor can you be at your business around the clock, CCTV in Plymouth can be your eyes when you cannot be there in person. CCTV in Plymouth allows you to view what is happening on your domestic property or at your business property anytime!

Peace of Mind

One of the many reasons people are choosing to have these types of security features installed for their business or their home is peace of mind. You can easily access the system from your tablet or your smartphone and see what is happening on your property. Of course, CCTV is also a huge deterrent to all types of crimes. Criminals know that a CCTV camera means they are being filmed and will be caught!

Clear Beneficial Protection

A CCTV system is often used in businesses to deter crime and prevent unauthorized intrusion. Today more and more homeowners are turning to these types of systems as security measures for their homes. There are clear benefits to these systems including:

* Access from anywhere you have a tablet or a smartphone
* Clear imaging to help identify potential intruders
* A deterrent to crime
* Enhanced security for the home or business

CCTV systems are a great solution for any property owner that wants to be sure they are taking every step they can to protect their property.

Protect Your Property

Unfortunately, crime is on the rise and it is necessary to take every step possible to protect your home and your business. Don’t make it easy for criminals to target your property. Ace Fire and Security has the solutions to protect your home and to protect your business from thieves. They bring 30 years of experience to every job and offer a wide range of security solutions.

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For most people their home is like their castle and the belongings inside are their most prized possessions. In the past, to protect your castle it would need to be surrounded by high, thick stone walls, a guard, and perhaps even a moat and drawbridge. These days, it is much easier and takes far less manpower to protect your family and your castle. Home security systems have come a long way in recent years, allowing homeowners the ability to monitor several areas of their property on a continuous basis. While installing systems like burglar alarms or CCTV systems can be a bit costly, it is nothing compared to the cost of damages one might incur after a break in.

Deter Intruders and Gain Peace of Mind with Burglar Alarms

With so much uncertainty in life, and so many things to worry about there is something to be said for peace of mind. By installing a home security system, you are better able to feel at ease when you are not at home, or while the family is sleeping. Statistics show, that if an intruder believes that the barriers of your home are difficult to breach they will move along to an easier target. In fact, the sheer presence of an alarm system is often times enough to protect your family and property from nefarious intruders.

Experienced Security Professionals Offer Better Protection

When it comes to protecting your family and your home it is important to secure your property with the help of experienced professionals. Companies like Ace Fire & Security have more than thirty years of experience in the industry for both residential and commercial security systems. They offer a wide range of burglar alarms in Devon, including; intruder alarms, CCTV installations, Safety Signage, and Door Entry Systems. Contact their offices for a no obligation quote, or to learn more about how they can upgrade your current security system today.

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Shattering Burglar Alarm Myths

Shattering Burglar Alarm Myths

Posted By on Aug 2, 2018

Security is one of the unspoken basic needs. People in different parts of the world want to know that they are safe, and their property is protected at all times. When people have an assurance that they are safe, it gives them peace of mind. Over time, there have been myths that have misrepresented the value of burglar alarms.

Wrong Timing

Most home owners expect burglaries to happen at night. Most people actually feel very safe during the day because they think burglars fear daylight. The truth is; most intruders invade homes in broad daylight. The FBI concluded that the most intrusion activities take place between 9 am to 3 pm. Most people are always outside their homes and this makes the homes vulnerable to attacks. Burglar alarms in Devon can help keep your home safe at all times, during all weather and every hour of the day.

The Systems Keep away Intruders

Intruders like carrying out their activities in secrecy. This explains why they keep away from premises with burglar alarms. Homes without a burglar system are three more times as likely to be invaded compared to homes with the systems. A report released by the University of South Carolina revealed that 60% of intruders said openly that they kept away from homes with the security systems. Home owners use window stickers and yard to deter burglar activity.

They are So Affordable

There are different types of burglar systems suitable for people with different budgets. Professional burglar system providers stock high quality products from accredited manufacturers. They are reliable when you need them to service, install or carry out maintenance on the system. Ace Fire & Security burglar systems can be integrated in various devices. Their technicians are always available to provide support at any given time. You can there rest assured that your business or home premises.

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Burglar system maintenance guarantees that your system is in compliance with the security authority. The maintenance involves testing the operations and components of the system. The aim is to ensure that the system provides unhindered protection all year round. Home owners can take advantage of the maintenance service to ask any question concerning the system from the expert and to find out strategies which can enhance their burglar system.

Professional Service

Experts in burglar alarms from Plymouth understand the value of thorough maintenance service. They do not leave any area of the system uninspected and if they notice anything that needs attention, they talk to the home owner immediately. The experts provide a solution for any damaged or malfunctioning part. This ensures uninterrupted security. The experts inspect the batteries to make sure they are functioning right. The system has interconnected parts, so the experts ensure that the parts are operating well, and the signals are reaching the intended components in the right way.

A Worthy Course

Burglar system maintenance is more of a saving than it is a spending. It ensures that the system is in perfect condition anytime you need it. No one knows when the intruder will strike so it is always good to be ready just in case the intruder strikes. It does not make sense to pay for the installation of the service then ignore maintenance service. Ignoring maintenance exposes you to intruders and leaves you with zero security.

Peace of Mind

Having a burglar system eliminates the emotional turmoil that one goes through when their home is intruded. For increased peace, carrying out maintenance service ensure sure that the system is in perfect working condition at all times. There is nothing that compares to such high level of assurance that you are well protected at all times. Ace Fire & Security helps premises owners to install and maintain the system.

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Why CCTV System at Your Home Is Ideal

Why CCTV System at Your Home Is Ideal

Posted By on Jun 29, 2018

CCTV systems is a type of video monitoring unit based on strategically placed video cameras, that capture local footage to broadcast either to a video recorder for future viewing or a private network for real time viewing. Currently, it is necessary for any homeowner to install a CCTV system in their home. With the rapid rise in the cases of vandalism, burglary, and trespassing it is important to keep not only your family protected and safe but also your home. Having surveillance cameras installed in your home allows you to be able to monitor any activity that takes place in your absence. When looking for quality CCTV in Plymouth you need to turn to a company that offers superior alarm system solutions such as Ace Fire & Security.

CCTV Provides Protection and Security

When it comes to CCTV systems you want only the best that is why you opt for a trustworthy company is SSAIB registered, BAFE approved, and ISO 9001 accredited. This gives you peace of mind in knowing you are receiving cutting-edge security equipment for your property. The CCTV system you purchase provides the utmost protection and security. Skilled technicians will install your new security system quickly and efficiently as well as at competitive rates.

Quality Features of CCTV Include:

  • Weather-proof
  • Is of the Latest Technology
  • Full 1080p
  • Infra-Red LEDS which Makes it Easy to Record Night Vision
  • View Camera Remotely from Your Mobile
  • Safety Signage

Benefits of Owning CCTV System

When CCTV systems are used appropriately and responsibly then the security system has many benefits you can gain from. Ace Fire & Security is the go-to-source company that supplies top-notch security and protection equipment for their customers. Technician experts provide free quotes and surveys as well as being available 24/7 to offer you affordable round the clock security.

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Benefits of Fire System Maintenance

Benefits of Fire System Maintenance

Posted By on May 31, 2018

Some premise owners wonder why they need to carry out fire system maintenance service. Annual maintenance is important and it focuses on the monitoring transmitters especially if the system is linked to the fire alarms. If the fire alarm system is linked to sprinklers, then you need to carry out maintenance service bi-annually. Maintaining your systems ensures that it operates at all times and especially you need it.

Reduced False Alarms

False alarms are caused by various factors which a home owner might not be aware of. As surprising as it may sound, new pets and new equipment could be the source of false alarm. Fortunately, a trained and experienced fire alarm installation expert can identify and fix the issues during maintenance. Another cause of false alarm is user error in suing the system. Premise owners can take advantage of maintenance service to learn more on how to operate the system properly. In case you have new members in the house, the technicians can train them on how to use the system to avoid false alarms. If there are any notable issues with the system, you can inform the technicians during maintenance.

Value for money

When you install fire alarms, you expect it to serve you for the longest time possible. Apart from installing products from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers, maintaining the systems lengthens the life of the system. During inspection, the fire system expert identifies any existing or developing issues and fixes them immediately. Immediate repair ensures that the system operates at its best at all times.

No shortcuts

Maintenance service costs a small fee compared to the value you get from the fire system. It ensures that your system continues to work at optimal levels for long. Contact professionals in fire alarms in Cardiff like Dragon Fire & Security Systems.

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