Senior Care

There are so many decisions that need to be made when one of your parents or grandparents are diagnosed with dementia. When the time comes, choosing the right dementia residential care in Devon is of the utmost priority. People with dementia lose the capability to care for themselves over time and for many family members taking on the full-time care of an elderly relative is just not feasible. When it comes to housing for the elderly, the field is rapidly growing, particularly when it comes to specialized care. Once dementia has taken over a person’s life it becomes complicated when it comes to their care.

Dementia Care Homes

One of the things that is so very important when you begin looking for residential dementia care is that the home employs medical staff who understand the unique needs of dementia patients. A home that incorporates activities and a technologically advanced dementia care unit or housing that provides for the safety and security of your loved one should be at the top of your list. There are certain questions that you need the home to answer, such as:

* How are the dementia patients housed? Is the building multi-storied to allow for exercise by climbing steps during inclement weather?

* What is the staff to patient ratio? Are there opportunities for the staff to continue their education?

* Is the staff qualified and experienced? What you want are staff members who have worked in this specific field for a few years.

What policy does a home have in place for emergency situations? Any home you consider should have medical staff in place to treat the particular needs of both elder and dementia patients. You will also want to know what security measures are in place to keep your loved one from wandering off.

These are just a few of the critical issues that need to be addressed when choosing a dementia care home. At Torr Home, your loved one will be treated with dignity and their mind will continue to be stimulated with various activities and treatments.

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It is a fact of life that as we get older it can be harder to perform even the simplest of tasks without fatigue or the ravages of arthritis. Everyday things we take for granted like cooking, cleaning and self-hygiene turn into difficult chores for no other reason than we get older. If you have a loved one that is struggling why not give them a relaxing, stress free life in their later years. By seeking out residential care in Devon you can make sure all of your loved one’s needs are met.

You Have a Busy Life

Sadly, not everyone has the time to commit to caring for their elderly loved ones as much as they might want. Time is split between work and your family life, and something slide to the wayside because there are only so many hours in the day. When you have the one you care for move into a residential care facility there are so many advantages that include their quality of life. Some of these include:

  • Improvement of their social life as they meet and socialize with people of their own age and partake in activities as a group.
  • Meals prepared and served to them
  • Medical attention given at a moment’s notice
  • Supervision to keep an eye out for slips and falls
  • Beautiful rooms
  • Friendly staff

When you consider all of these things you can see how a residential care facility is a wonderful choice for your loved ones to make their remaining years happy and comfortable. They have worked their entire lived and deserve to spend the rest of it relaxing and being cared for.

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In today’s day and age it is not uncommon to see people using personal care and mobility products as a way of feeling independent. From wheelchairs for individuals with mobility problems to scooters for elderly people, the broad selection of products sold in the modern market are designed to suit people of all physical abilities. If you live in a property with stairs and find it difficult to walk up and down the stairs, invest in stairlifts in Portsmouth.

Stairlift Benefits

Growing in popularity, stairlifts in Portsmouth have quickly become the top mobility aid choice for people in residential and commercial properties. Many hospitals, retail buildings and hotels are now being fitted with stairlifts, which provide guests and customers with easy access to other areas of the building. The device’s seat will be positioned at the top or bottom of the staircase, where it will travel along a railing. People who work in a building that requires visiting different levels can make their life easier with a product of this kind.

Chairlift Benefits

If you regularly use a wheelchair you should invest in chairlifts, rather than stairlifts. These devices are crafted to accommodate wheelchairs, enabling the user to get to various building levels without difficulty. A common feature in commercial buildings, the device can be operated with the touch of a button. It functions mechanically and can be fitted onto big and small staircases. Just like with stairlifts, chairlifts can be purchased or rented. Think about your requirements when deciding whether to buy or rent.

Finding a Supplier

You should first know what brands of stairlifts in Portsmouth are available and research to find out what one is best before you can find a supplier. A good supplier will stock products from the best brands and will boast more positive than negative reviews from customers. You would be better off working with a company that also offers installation, so that you don’t have to pay two different companies for two separate services. Assistance with maintenance and annual device check-ups are some desirable services you should look for when seeking out a mobility aid specialist.

For more than 25 years, Bentley Mobility has been selling stairlifts in Portsmouth. If you want to find out why customers are so satisfied with this company’s services and products, visit us

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Fear Not With a Personal Panic Alarm!

Posted By on Mar 11, 2015

As the older generation around us ages, we begin to worry about them more and more. Their health is naturally on the decline. Their eyesight is getting worse, their memory fails them on occasion, and mobility becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year. We start being afraid that our elderly loved ones will fall, have a heart attack, stroke, or other medical emergency and not be able to call for help. They might lie on the cold, hard floor for days before anyone finds them and gets them the medical attention they need and deserve. It is a scary possibility, so we consider urging our elderly loved ones to move in with us, or move in to an assisted living facility or nursing home. But, they do not want this. They naturally want to remain independent for as long as possible. They want to continue living in their own home. And, who can blame them? There is a simple solution that will ease your mind while providing safety and security for your elderly, and it is affordable, too. The answer is a personal panic alarm.

What is a Personal Panic Alarm?

A personal panic alarm is simply a type of security alarm. The user wears the small pendant alarm around his or her neck. This personal panic alarm for elderly persons is water-resistant, so it can be worn in the bathtub or shower, where a large number of slips and falls occur. In the event of an emergency, the user presses the alarm button on the pendant, and the alarm dials your three chosen emergency numbers. The user can program any landline or mobile telephone numbers he or she wishes, including emergency telephone numbers. When the emergency contact answers the call from the personal panic alarm, the user may speak to the emergency contact if the user is within a certain distance from the base unit. If he or she is not within that certain distance, a pre-recorded message will play, alerting the emergency contact that the user needs medical assistance.

Will a Personal Panic Alarm For the Elderly Keep My Loved One Safe?

Yes, a personal panic alarm from SureSafe can easily keep your elderly loved ones safe. When worn around the user’s neck, it is always easily accessible to them during a medical emergency or after a fall. It is simple enough for anyone to use. It does not require any technological skill whatsoever. The user simply presses a button, and help is soon on the way. A personal panic alarm will also give you peace of mind, while allowing your loved ones the freedom and independence they so greatly desire.

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