Wedding Venue

An impressive wedding venue in Bedfordshire is just the ticket for making your big day special and memorable! Your wedding day should be one of love and fun, you should not have to worry about a thing. The success of your wedding comes down to how people remember it. The right space and the right food mean making the right impression on your guests and letting you enjoy the day!

The Venue is Vital to a Great Event

Your guests deserve a great venue to help them fully celebrate your big day. You deserve a venue that offers options so that your wedding can be a one of a kind event that is personalized specifically for you. The right venue is critical in having the celebration that you deserve. It is important that the venue you choose will forever be associated with you.

Two Things Really Matter

There are two things that guests remember about a wedding:

  •  The setting
  • The food

If you can master these two things than your wedding will be a success. The setting or backdrop of your wedding should be elegant yet comfortable for your guests. A menu of delicious foods that offer flexibility is important for any event but especially so for weddings. The right venue combines both to deliver a memorable, one of a kind experience that you will treasure. Click here to know more.

Which Venue Really Delivers?

If you have been starting your search you have likely heard recommendations for The Auction House because it is one of the premier venues in Bedfordshire and rightfully so. It is a beautiful backdrop for any event but especially for weddings. They offer delicious cuisine, a helpful staff and many ways to personalize the event to represent your special union. Before you book anywhere else you should consider this venue.

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Planning the perfect wedding takes work. Choosing everything from the design of your invitations, to the flowers of your dreams, will leave you feeling as though your mind is racing from all the decisions you must make. To make things a bit easier perhaps it’s time to choose an amazing wedding venue in Bedfordshire that also offers catering and all the amenities you could dream of. This will allow you to make several of the decisions any bride must make, on the spot, eliminating the need to run yourself ragged trying to get things done before your big day. The Auction House can provide you with all these many things and much more.

The Perfect Wedding

No matter the size of your wedding, a venue that can easily accommodate your guests, decorations, and set-up is key to making your day perfect. This will ensure everyone who comes to help you celebrate has room to dance, mingle, and party their way into the night. With the addition of five-star catering offered by an on-site master chef that wants nothing else but to ensure that you, your significant other, and all your family and friends have a wonderfully, delicious, meal to start the night. For the unwinding side of the night, the two fully stocked bars will give guests the drinks they want such as the best wine, champagne, beers, and spirits. An amazing staff that will be there to help ensure that your night will go off without a hitch and that your night will be as perfect as you dreamed.

Where to Go

If you need the perfect wedding venue in Bedfordshire, make sure you check out The Auction House. This amazing space boasts not only an elegant style but all the amazing extras you need. Contact them today for the wedding of your dreams.

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Finding the Perfect Place to Party

Finding the Perfect Place to Party

Posted By on May 16, 2018

Are you in search of the perfect party venue in Bedfordshire? If so, the Auction House may be the place for you. No matter what kind of event you may be hosting, this elegant space will provide you and your guests with the perfect setting for everything from the simplest of party gatherings, to the more elaborate, custom weddings and events. This independently owned venue is the perfect place to host any get together you may have in mind. Unique design, luxurious surroundings, and room for all the guests you could imagine, will make this venue the perfect place for all your party needs.

The Amazing Bonuses

When searching for the best venue in the area, it is important to see what bonuses they offer. A space is simply a space without the amazing additions many of them now offer. This is where The Kitchen comes in. A fully functional, five-star, catering service offered by the amazing venue, offers a wide range of cuisine for clients to choose from. Prepared by the amazing head chef, any meal that passes through The Kitchen, will be perfectly prepared for your unique event and by your personal specifications. One cannot forget the drinks though. The Kitchen also provides two fully stocked bars to offer your guests the best of both worlds. With the perfect drinks, mouth-watering meals, and space that cannot be matched, you will find your party even becoming the talk of the town and the event of the season.

The Auction House

If you need a party venue in Bedfordshire, The Auction House is the place of your dreams. Complete with everything you could desire in a venue, you and your guests will find yourselves thoroughly amazed at the elaborate feel and breath-taking design of their venue. Contact them today.

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Couples search tirelessly for ‘the wedding’ venue that fits their plan and one that they believe will match well with their desires. Most couples work with wedding planners to help them actualize their wedding dreams in terms of venue, catering, and decorations amongst other things. Your opinion matters the most and the planner should only help you to fine-tune your ideas for the wedding. They should not fully take over unless you want them to.

A Roomy Fit

Do not underestimate the space needed depending on your guest list. Some wedding venues have large and small wedding venue rooms, so you can choose the best room. Sometimes a room looks very large when empty, but when tables, chairs and other wedding essentials are arranged, it looks very small. Consider the accessories that you intend to put in the room as you consider the size of the room.

Refreshment and entertainment areas

As you choose a venue, find out if your guests will have a place to dance freely, eat comfortably, and interact with the other guests easily. The food provided during a wedding should be yummy. Most wedding venues in Bedfordshire have chefs who are specialized in cooking various types of cuisines. If you would like to treat your guests to various cuisines, choose a venue that provides a diverse menu. The venue should have a bar that provides various champagnes, wines, beers, and soft drinks.


Weddings are one of the ceremonies where guests like listening to all the words spoken. Having more than one event in a venue can snatch away the privacy and act as a distraction to your guests. A venue such as The Auction House hosts one event at a time. Guests enjoy their privacy as they have all the grounds to themselves to enjoy. Choose a venue which represents your wedding desires in the best way.

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Your wedding day is among the most cherished life long memories one can experience. A large part of your perfect day lies in the choice you make for your wedding venue. Most people immediately search for hotels with a ballroom that can accommodate a large number of people, but a better solution would be to seek out an all-inclusive wedding venue. Weddings and special events are their specialty, and typically only schedule one event per day. This means that on one of the most important days of your life, the venue you hire is fully focused on you and your guests. Their goal is to handle every last detail so you are able to sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that every detail is being taken care of to ensure your day is a magnificent one.

Stress- Free Accommodations That are Sure to Elevate Your Day

In-house wedding coordinators are a common benefit you will find when you take advantage of an all-inclusive wedding venue. They are there to offer their guidance, and manage all the tiny details leading up to the big day keeping your mindset relaxed and stress-free. Many wedding venues are licensed to hold civil ceremonies. This is a true bonus as your wedding ceremony and reception can take place at the same location. In this way, you can cherish every moment from ceremony to reception, eliminating the need to cart your guests from one venue to another. You will also enjoy the added benefit of exquisite cuisine prepared by highly talented chefs, from a menu inspired by your personal tastes and preferences.

Finding the Location that is Just Right

When you are looking for a wedding venue in Bedfordshire be sure to take a look at the elegant and charming The Auction House location. Their all-inclusive nature and exceptional service are sure to create the wedding of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Find out how you can spend your wedding day relaxed and stress-free.

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When planning the perfect party there are many areas to consider; the date, your budget, number of attendees, catering services, entertainment, parking, and of course the venue. Choosing the perfect venue is one area that will have a large impact on the overall quality of your event. Planning any kind of party or special event takes a lot of time, organizational skills, and dedication. When you enlist the help of professional party venues you are essentially hiring a venue, caterer, and party planner all in one. The entire establishment is there ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Now, can it really get any better than that?

Party Venues are the Perfect Choice when Planning a Variety of Events:

* Masonic Events

* Charity Fundraisers

* Christmas Parties

* Birthday Parties

* Special Family Celebrations

* Corporate Awards Dinners

Event Venue Amenities that Appeal to Every Guest

Veteran party planners know finding the right venue can take a lot of time. Beyond making sure a venue has the specific date you need available one must also consider parking, geographical location, service amenities, ambiance and acoustics for entertainment capabilities. The best option is to ensure you find a venue that can meet as many of your needs as possible in one fell swoop. There are many locations that are elegant in nature, and offer high class catering menus for eastern and western palates as well as lighting features that are sure to create a magical atmosphere. You will also find many event venues offer special entertainment extras, the likes of which you may have not considered including; photo booths, casino style tables, or chocolate fountains to name a few. These seemingly tiny touches are sure to make your event positively memorable.

Superior Venues Make for Superior Parties

The sooner you begin planning your next special event, the better. If you are looking for a superior party venue in Luton, consider enlisting the exceptional services found at The Auction House. From extraordinary catering to the perfect mood lighting they are your one stop shop for all your event needs.

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