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For most people who own a home with a garage, the doors were installed when the house was purchased. Once the family moved in, the garage door was something that was not really thought about. About the only thing people wanted of their garage doors in Exeter was for them to open when they came home from work and that they were easy to secure. Over time or due to an accident or a home renovation project, garage doors can be and often are replaced, when this happens the homeowner no longer has to take what was installed when the house was first purchased, he or she can now purchase a garage door made from different materials.


The most popular material for garage doors in Exeter is steel and has been for many years. Steel is reasonably priced, requires little maintenance and is readily available in a variety of panel designs and factory applied colours. A steel door can be ordered in a faux wood design or it can be ordered in primer only so the homeowner can paint it the appropriate colour to match the colour scheme of the home.

The quality of a steel door and the life expectancy depend to a great extent on the gauge of the steel the door was made from. The least expensive steel garage doors use 27 or 28 gauge metal which dents quite easily, a middle range door uses 25 or 26 gauge steel and the best steel door is usually manufactured from 24 gauge sheet steel, a heavy gauge garage door is far better at taking the bumps and knocks of everyday living far better than the rest. Although steel garage doors in Exeter are not good insulators insulation can be added if thought necessary. Visit here to get more information.


Garage doors were originally all wood. Wood is a far better insulator than steel but a wooden garage door requires considerably more maintenance. Wood doors, even when they are stained or painted will eventually crack, split or warp. These are the types of issues that make for an improper fit. Unless the homeowner is willing to maintain the door well, wood may not be the best choice.

Wood composite:

Composite wood doors are more costly than steel but less expensive than wood. These doors look very much like wood but they do not require the same amount of maintenance. A composite door resists cracks, splitting and do not rot, they are a good choice for the homeowner who wants the look of wood but as well as the durability and limited maintenance required by steel.

Garage doors made from wood composite are more expensive than steel but less expensive than wood. They look like wood but do not require the same high maintenance demands. Wood composite doors are often made from plastic, wood fibre or wood chips mixed with resin. The composite door is very good at resisting cracks, splits or any form of rot. It is an excellent choice where the homeowner wants the look of wood but the durability and lack of maintenance offered by steel.

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