The importance of recycling

Posted By admin on Aug 16, 2016 |

The importance of recycling

Very few people are unaware of the problems of pollution these days and how climate change and natural disasters are affecting the planet. Most people in advanced countries, such as the UK, are constantly aware of their carbon footprint and are doing everything possible to recycle so that they don’t place an additional burden on the eco-system.

Uppermost in most people’s minds is how they can re-use or re-purpose many household items. However, when you have waste products such as endless plastic items that you don’t need, disposing of these in a way that allows them to be recycled is the best solution. Fortunately, there are many recycling companies in Newcastle that can assist.

How to go about recycling your waste

What happens in most cases after your rubbish has been collected is that it is taken to a landfill site. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that items such as batteries or other technical equipment are placed in these sites. When these start to degenerate, they can sometimes leak harmful substances into the ground, which eventually reaches the water table, and this means that harmful chemicals enter the system. Plastics and any kind of petroleum-based products are also very hard for nature to break down into their component elements, which is why they clog up the landfills for many decades. Plastics also find their way into the sea and are killing endless sea creatures that ingest them.

It’s for this reason that separating your waste from that which can be recycled to that which should go into a landfill is very important. Most plastics can be recycled – some can even be made into fabrics, but there are many other uses. All glass and paper items are also recyclable.

Recycling saves energy

One of the great advantages of recycling is that the products made will use less energy than making them from raw materials. Energy usage is what is causing many of the climate change problems, so the more you can conserve energy, the better. Any effort you can make to support recycling will be a step towards creating a safer environment for everyone.

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