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The majority of people who choose to use CBD products are searching for a natural, safe alternative to many of the over-the-counter and prescription medications used to treat conditions from chronic pain to reduction of stress. When health and wellbeing is important, choosing organic CBD products should be a priority.

What is Organic?
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, products in the UK that are marketed as organic must meet specific EU requirements and regulations in the production of hemp and other ingredients used in CBD oil. Each grower must be part of an approved control body and complete annual inspections to ensure all farming processes meet the requirements under statutory control. This includes products imported to the UK as organic.

In general, all products marketed as organic must be grown without the use of chemicals, including non-organic pesticides and herbicides. The result is a product that is free from any residual toxins from the use of artificial chemicals when growing the hemp.

Processing Considerations
In addition to the growing conditions, all organic CBD products use only the approved process for extraction of the cannabidiol and other natural compounds from the hemp plant. Most of the top brands offer broad spectrum and full spectrum organic CBD products, as well as extracts and isolates.

When quality and consistency in the taste and effects of CBD products are important, choosing organic formulations is always the best choice. Shopping online is a simple way to find organic CBD and have it delivered right to your door.

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