Flight School

Before you start looking for an aviation school, you need to determine the type of aviation training that you need. Ask yourself why you want to learn flying, the goal of your training and where you want to fly after the training. Consider your availability to see if you need to study full time or part time.

The type of Flight School

There are two types of flight schools; Part 141 and Part 61. The content taught is the same but the difference comes in with the minimum fight time required. The best thing about Part 61 is the flexibility it gives to the students in terms of accountability and structure of the course. The students are free to schedule their flying lessons and sequence depending on their needs. This arrangement appeals to part time students.

The Aviation Ground

Apart from leaning how to control the plane, you need to have foundational knowledge to guide you in controlling the flight. The knowledge is leant in the aviation ground school. It enables you to understand the when, how and where questions when flying. This is the foundation for safety when flying as it gives you in-depth knowledge of situations thus enabling you to make informed decisions when flying. Before taking your final exams, the flying school helps you to prepare by giving a series of exams after the course content. Choose a school which does not compromise on the quality of training provided. It is always good to see the course outline to determine the quality of training.

Training Airplane

The airplane is where transfer what you have learnt on the ground to practical use. A good training airplane is well maintained and is equipped with all the necessary commands. There are planes which provide basic, medium and advanced experience. Flying schools in Exeter use the Cessna 152 as the standard plane for training but they also have additional planes on the side. Visit site to get more information about flying school.

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Tips for Successful Flight Training

Tips for Successful Flight Training

Posted By on Jun 27, 2018

Finally your big day is here and it is time for you to join a flight school. Butterflies in your stomach, expectations and a bit of confusion are flaring up. To be sincere, the first day can be a daunting. So, what can you do to prepare to overcome flying school challenges when you sign on with a flying school in Bristol?

Your schedule will not be the same again

Flight training takes time and it’s intense. Apart from the scheduled trainings, you need to put in a lot of additional effort on your own. You will need to develop self-discipline for you to consistently give the training everything. It takes hard work to study and succeed in piloting but it is attainable. Put aside some time every week to study your notes. This will make your lessons exciting and you will have a reason to look forward to the next lesson.

It helps to polish up on important requirements

Although the math involved in flight training is easy, it is good to polish up on some key areas. Take time to read on trigonometry, centre of gravity calculations, arithmetic, and moments. Look for practice questions and videos to help you get a better understanding. You also need to learn how to say the phonetic alphabets. Get the alphabets, print them then start to memorize. Polishing up on maths and phonetic alphabet is not mandatory but it helps to simplify the training.

A flight journal

Every student needs this invaluable tool. Use it to record the highlights, areas which need improvement and remarks from the instructor after every flight. Go through the journal during your free time and concentrate on your weak areas. As long as you are diligent, you will start to see a steep learning curve and great improvement in all areas of study.

Devon & Somerset Flight Training provides the highest quality training. If you are interested in arranging for your first flight, give us a call today!

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Getting your pilots license requires several steps, your final step is having the flying experience in Exeter that is necessary to get your license. Flying experience is the best part of training for your pilot’s license. A lot of people find that getting the flying experience in Exeter can be difficult when they are trying to fit it into their already busy schedules. What you need is a school that offers flexible flying opportunities and that has ample enough planes to have availability when you are available.

Choose a Flying School

You must choose the flying school that offers flexible schedules so that you have a better opportunity to fit the options into your schedule. This can be hard to find with a private instructor. A lot of people make the error of thinking that if they try to get flying experience with a private tutor but the reality usually turns out differently. When you choose a private arrangement with a one on one tutor instead of a school you are:

* Limiting your options

* Dealing with less opportunities for flight time

* Vying for attention with other students

A private tutor really limits your options. When you choose a school, you are choosing the option that will give you more options to get flight experience. You will have more opportunities for flight time and you will not have only 1 instructor to deal with. You will have more options for planes and more availability.

It is a Better Choice

If you need your flying experience, you need to choose a school instead of choosing a private tutor. A good school is the Devon & Somerset Flight Training facility. You can get the flight experience that you need and the flexibility that you deserve!

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If you are looking for a way to get flying experience in Bristol, you want to be sure that you choose the experts to help you get it. Flying is a serious matter, whether you plan on just flying around on your own or on taking passengers up with you, you want to be sure that you are keen on everything that you need to do in a plane to keep everyone safe.

The Experts

Learning how to fly, or having a pilot’s license does not necessarily mean that you are able to teach other people how to fly. It takes years of experience and years of training other people to become and expert at flight instruction. You of course, want to ensure that you choose the experts for your flying experience in Bristol.

No Question Unanswered

Whether you have been up in the plane a few times and are just trying to finish up your instruction or have only been up in a plane as a passenger you want to be sure that you are choosing the experts that can:

* Answer every question

* Put your mind at ease

* Share their experience with you

* Provide you with the right type of guidance

If you have questions about flying, the process, the instrument panel or anything else, you should feel comfortable with the answers that you get. An expert instructor will be able to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. They will share their years of experience with you and provide you with advice about what you should do if you ever get into any trouble up there. You should feel overwhelmingly confident after some flying experience in Bristol when you choose the right school to get your instruction from. Devon & Somerset Flight Training is the experts that you need.

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Do You Believe You Can Fly?

Do You Believe You Can Fly?

Posted By on Sep 29, 2017

If you don’t believe it yet you most certainly will when you attend the flying schools in Exeter. The freedom that comes from learning to fly is unparalleled, there is nothing quite like navigating this beautiful planet in three dimensions. Learning to fly is not only exciting; it can also lead to interesting adventures and career opportunities down the road. To get the absolute most from your aviation training be sure the flight school you choose to attend possesses an impeccable reputation in flight as well as education.

Do You Long for Take-Off?

When commencing your search for flight schools, it is beneficial to have a general idea of where you would like aviation to lead you. If you do not have any flight experience on which to base a decision, there is no way to know what exactly the best fit is for you. Checklists are a pillar of aviation, getting in the habit of practicing patience will suit you well. Whether you are choosing a flight school, or flying an airplane making hasty or impulsive decisions can have negative consequences.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Perfect Flight School:

* What Is Your Long-Term Aviation Goal?

* Why Do You Want to Learn to Fly?

* Do You Want a Career in Flight?

* Do You Wish to Fly Internationally?

* Would You Like to Own Your Own Aircraft?

The Sky Is the Limit

Take your time making your decisions, but dare to dream big. You are going to flight school, so the sky is quite literally the limit. Glean all you can from your local resources, enlist the help of flight schools in your area and allow their aviation experts to guide you through this significant process. Enjoy for yourself the personal freedom that flight can offer you. For more details, contact the professionals at Devon & Somerset Flight Training for help.

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Register for classes in one of the flying schools in Bristol, and they will take you soaring through the clouds. Whether you are intending to fly for fun, or if you are a hopeful commercial airline pilot you will find the training and education you need to get you on your way to flying high with your head in the clouds. Once you have thought about what you want from your flight schooling, request some information or pay the school a visit. See for yourself if the initial flight school you choose is the perfect fit for you.

Land Yourself in the Thick of It

Planning a visit to your flight school of interest is in your best interest. It is there you will be able to learn first-hand from aviation experts exactly what it is you are signing up for. Taking the time to seek out current students may be of great assistance as well, talk to them about their experiences with the school you are visiting perhaps they may have some sage advice if they were to do it all over again. At the very least it would give you a nudge to participate in an air experience flight. This type of flight is offered by flying schools in Bristol, it is a one-off lesson that doesn’t cost you a thing.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

You have probably already realised that learning to fly can be a big financial commitment, but it will also require much of your free time as well. Be prepared to commit yourself and spend the time necessary in order to achieve your in-flight goals. Give a call to the aviation experts such as Devon & Somerset Flight Training, and allow them to assist you in reaching the sky today.

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