Electrical Engineer

When you need electrical wiring done you need a professional electrical contractor in Swindon! You may not realize that a team of electrical engineers can easily meet all your demands for electrical installations, wiring and repairs. Most people know to call on an electrician when they are having electrical issues with switches, panels or other malfunctions but they can also be there for all of your other commercial/domestic needs like:

* Plant relocation

* Lighting

* Machine wiring

* Main distribution

A skilled electrical engineer can be there from the planning to the installation to provide you with advice, feedback and some ideas to improve your project. The services of a professional contractor that offers certified electrical experts can be used in many ways to make your project a success.

Expert Services

One of the key reasons you should be turning to an expert team is that you will know that the job is done right the first time. Above all the other things that a specialist has to offer is the peace of mind knowing that everything is up to regulation and is done as a safe install. You never have to second guess the right professional as you do with other less experienced options.

Fast Services

If you need something wired and you need it done quickly because it is holding up the rest of the project an electrical engineer can get the work done and out of the way quickly because they know what they are doing. There is no “figuring it out” when you deal with an expert. They already know what to do and how to do it so less time is wasted. They can speed up the end goal of the job. Click here to learn more.

Reliable Services

You have core business concerns. You do not want to have to understand how it all works, you just need to know that it does and you need to know that it will be reliable. Having trust in an expert is easy. They know what has to be done, they get it done and it is reliable. You can focus on your core business concerns and get the electrical install done without having to give it a second thought.

A professional electrical specialist brings their expertise to every job and just makes the whole thing go a lot smoother. They are the only option you need for your electrical needs.

EESI LTD is the electrical contractor in Swindon that you need for all your projects. Turn it over to the pros! Call today for a free quote!

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Not every electrical contractor in Cheltenham can provide you with the expert advice that you sometimes need about electrical wiring matters. There are different levels of expertise when it comes to electrical engineers. Inexperienced electrical experts can follow direction and do some wiring installation and repairs but if they have yet to develop the level of confidence that you need you may find yourself in a bad place. The right company will be able to provide you with valuable wiring advice and installations because they will have the confidence from years of experience.

The Trials

The reality is that electrical wiring is usually straight forward in newer construction but when you start moving toward the realm of older buildings, things are not quite as cut and dry. In older properties you are dealing many times with outdated wiring that may have been upgraded many times over the years that leaves behind somewhat of a puzzle to figure out. Experience is one of the things that really counts when you have to be part detective and part electrical engineer. With experience comes the ability to think outside the box in situations where there has been years of changes. These “trials” that an experienced electrical expert goes through helps to form their real world ability to apply general principles to some things that just do not make sense. Inexperienced electrical specialists would likely be stuck and have to call for help. Click here to know more.

Advice Matters

It is a fair expectation to expect that an expert has some credible input hence why they are considered experts but without the right experience that advice may just be something that came out of a book and never actually applied. You should be able to rely on an expert to:

* Provide some innovative problem solving

* Give you options for corrections/repairs/installation

* Explain the problems in a language you can understand

* Be able to think on their feet

* Always work within recommended safety guidelines

You call on an expert to solve your electrical problems which sometimes requires innovative approaches. Innovation really comes from experience and knowing what has worked before. You need options for corrections that are budget friendly. You should be able to follow what the expert has to say. You want someone that can think on their feet and that does not have to spend time searching for answers!

Experience makes a difference. If you want expert advice you have to make sure you are dealing with an expert.

EESI LTD is the electrical contractor in Cheltenham that can provide you with the right advice, suggestions, installations and repairs. Call today for a quote!

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Electricity is vital to keep any company operational, from lights to see with to the equipment used to provide their services. Every business requires electricity to allow workers to perform their jobs. Whether, you are having new equipment installed or expanding your company, you want to hire a professional when it comes to working with electrical wiring. When you select to hire an electrical contractor in Swindon, it can be cost-effective for your company. Instead of having to create a position that would require you to pay someone to work for you full time to perform electrical work. You can outsource the job to a professional company that you will only need to pay for each job that they complete.

Take Advantage of the Knowledge and Skills an Expert has to Offer

A skilled contractor will have the tools that are required to do the job right the first time. They will know how to approach the project that needs to be worked on and how to work around any complications that come up. A professional will have knowledge on how to safely operate the equipment they require for the job. Along, with providing a safe environment for your workers while they are working to help reduce the chance of someone being injured or damage being caused to your company. A contractor will also know the codes and regulations that they need to follow to ensure that your wiring is installed properly.

How to Find a Trusted Company

When searching for an electrical contractor, you want to look for one that is licensed to work in the jurisdiction that your company is located in. You should search for a business that is registered with the NICEIC. They are one of many organizations that help regulate the work and training of electrical workers. The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting assesses their electricians to make sure they can meet the codes of practice and safety standards when it comes to working with electricity. You can have peace of mind knowing the professional you hire is backed by the NICEIC. You can visit here for more information.

Planned or Emergency Hire a Team You can Count On

Even though you would like to plan for when you need an electrician. There are times when an emergency comes up and requires you to call in a professional. When it comes to your electrical needs hire a company that can be there whether it is a planned maintenance or a sudden emergency. A reliable company will understand how important to complete the work quickly and safely.

If you are searching for a reliable electrical contractor in Swindon consult with EESI LTD. Speak with them today to get a free estimate.

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Are you looking for a quality electrical contractor in Gloucester? While there are some jobs you may want to attempt on your own, when it comes to a home electrical system, hiring a professional is often a smart move, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with this type of work. Some of the most common issues that these contractors are hired to handle can be found here.

New Home Wiring

Having a new home built is the perfect time to find a quality electrical contractor. While the builder may be able to recommend who is used, it is ultimately your decision and the quality and safety of the wiring will depend on the contractor who is hired. Be sure to put some time and effort into this decision since it will help you find the right person for the job.

Remodelling Your Home

If you are planning to remodel your home, there are some new appliances that will require more electricity than what you have available in a certain location. Remodelling is the ideal time to find an electrical contractor who will ensure your upgrade is successful and that adequate power is present. In some cases you may just want to increase your home’s electrical capacity by adding outlets and circuits.

Getting Your Home Up to Code

Homes that were built before the 1970s or the 1980s need to be updated with brand new electrical wiring and equipment to help and prevent fire and shock. There are a number of new technologies that will help to ensure your home meets both national and international standards. This will help to significantly improve your safety. If your home has any type of problems with breakers that regularly trip or dead outlets, then you should seriously consider calling for professional repairs for your home’s electrical system. You can visit here to get more information.

Storm or Other Sources of Damage

Wind, ice, falling limbs and trees as well as numerous other mishaps can cause serious damage to a home and result in the loss of electricity. Under many circumstances this is unfortunate because the repairs costs are unexpected. The electrical contractor you choose should be able to understand the consequences and work along with you to help restore power to your home in the most affordable way possible.

Hiring a professional for home electrical issues just makes sense. It is the smart and safe option that will help to ensure your home maintains its power at all times.

Learn more about hiring an Electrical Contractor in Gloucester, by calling the professionals from EESI LTD.

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When you are looking for a specialist in air conditioning in Cheltenham it can be a challenge to find someone who is qualified especially if you are not sure where to start. When you are hiring a heating and cooling contractor or contracting company there are certain factors that you should look for before you choose one for your home or business.

Insurance Requirements

One of the biggest things you can do when you are looking for a heating and cooling contractor is to make sure that they are licensed and insured. They will need to be licensed in the specific region in which they are performing the work. They have to be insured in order to perform the contracting tasks just in case there are any mistakes or damage done to your home.

Referrals and References

When searching for a contractor, you need to make sure that you ask for referrals because word-of-mouth is a very important in this industry. Getting a recommendation from someone who you know and trust is a great way to hire a reliable person. When you do decide to hire a contacting company you need to make sure they provide you with at least three referrals for you to call. It is crucial to also make sure they are all positive ones.

Business Evaluation

When you hire a contractor to come in and install an air conditioning system in your building they will most likely ask to evaluate the building beforehand. If you have a current system then they will check to make sure if it is efficient enough for your current building floor plan. If it is not they will come up with a new one that will cool every room of the building and have a high quality ventilation system.

Put it in Writing

Regardless of who you decide to work with make sure that everything that you discussed is in writing before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure everything is verbally discussed and put down into the contract so you are sure to get everything that you asked for. You can click here to get more details.

Hiring a heating and cooling contractor can be a challenge especially if you are just starting a new business. If you follow these steps then you should be able to find a company that will work around your schedule to meet your requirements to keep the air conditioning running when you need it the most.

EESI LTD provides quality services in air conditioning in Cheltenham and may just be the right team for you. Visit them online to learn more.

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It may seem silly to use A/C in Swindon or other UK areas because temperatures are usually more moderate than in other parts of the world. However, if you find that you have trouble breathing because of the higher humidity or just want to feel more comfortable without needing fans or opening the windows, air conditioning could be beneficial. However, finding a company to help you install the proper unit could be somewhat complicated, so you may want to use some helpful tips.


Just as with any hands-on profession, A/C repair or installation is a difficult-to-master skill that will take practice on their part. Therefore, it means that you should seek out those companies that offer the most experience, as they will be more capable and knowledgeable about any problems or everyday situations.


While you want competitive prices, you shouldn’t search out the cheapest option only because you may get little for your money, no guarantees or them using inferior quality materials. Instead, focus on up-front prices to ensure there are no hidden fees and that all the parts are accounted for before making a decision.


When you call the company to come out for an estimate, which you should do, they should be on time and ready to work. If not, they probably won’t be punctual when showing up for the job, either. Whether they give a particular time or a range, you want to ensure they arrive when they’re supposed to, especially as you may have other errands to do.


It can sometimes be difficult to gauge a company’s reputation, but there are some ways of doing so. For example, you can use review websites to find out about all kinds of businesses. They will likely tell the good and the bad, instead of testimonials on the air conditioning company’s website, as they will only list the good ones. Visit here to get more details.


There are many types of guarantees out there, but you should make sure they offer a satisfaction guarantee that includes a warranty on their work and/or the parts they used. This way, if you are not happy with the result, they will work hard to make it right without it costing more money.

Best Equipment

When considering the company, you may want to ask about their units and parts. Traditionally, brand names are better and more reliable.

Air conditioning in Swindon can dramatically help you breathe more easily and feel more comfortable.

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