Straight stair lifts in Exeter can help you get the freedom that you want to travel about your home freely. When you are in need of either a permanent solution to getting up and down the stairs and getting around your home, a stair lift meant for straight staircases can be the solution you have been hoping for.

Is it Right for You?

A stair lift can help you. If you have trouble going up and down the stairs in your home having a lift will help you to explore and go all through your home without the fear of falling. With a push of a button you will be able to go up and down the stairs with ease. The lift offers:

* Easy push button operation

* A powerful hinge to swing the lift out of the way when not in use

* Safe secure operation

If you are permanently disabled and have difficulty getting u p and down the stairs it can be frustrating and stressful. Having a lift can give you back your ability to freely move around your home. You should be safe in your home and not have to fear falling on the steps. A lift removes the danger of damaging falls. Click here to get more information.

Renting a Stair Lift

If you or your loved one doesn’t need a stair lift for a long term you can easily take advantage of the rental option that is offered by A2B Stairlifts Ltd! If you need to rent, the company will charge you weekly or monthly whichever way you prefer to pay. The servicing and any of the maintenance is also included in the rental charge! It is as great solution for the long term or the short term!

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As people age or they become severely injured, it can be challenging to move around their home. Especially, if the home has more than one level that needs to be accessed by stairs. Stairs can be difficult to climb if the individual has limited mobility and create a risk of falling if the person is unable to climb properly. Fortunately, there is a solution available that will allow the individual to have access to their entire house when they work with a company that offers stairlifts in Devon. A stairlift is a chair is powered by electricity and will allow a person to move along a railing. With no effort at all, the individual can move up and down their stairway.

Advantage of Using a Stairlift

* They can easily be installed by a professional and do not take up much space.

* Stairlifts in Devon allows an occupant of a home to move freely between the different levels of the dwelling.

* The individual retains their independence and not limited to one level of the home, or dependant on others to help them move from one floor to another.

* Minimizes the risk of the person falling while trying to make their way up or down a stairway.

* They are rather quiet and companies that offer them supply additional devices such as bath lift to help make an elderly or disable person’s life easier.

Access Every Floor to Your Home with a Quality Lift

A disability or age does not have to stop you from being able to enjoy your home. A2B Stairlifts Ltd has been providing high-quality services and products to their customers since 2004. They work with each client to find the right stairlift that will allow them to have access to every level of their home. Whether you require installation of a lift or maintenance, you can rely on them to provide the services you require.

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When you or a love one has mobility issues, for whatever reason, stairs can be an intimidating part of daily life in your home. When you consider that falls are the number one cause for injury in the elderly, it is no wonder why stairlifts are considered to be literal lifesavers for many. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for the best curved stairlifts in Plymouth:

 * Size Requirements– some chairs are bigger than others and some lifts are able to hold more and accommodate bigger rigs such as wheelchairs. You will need to make sure your lift fits your size needs.

 * Weight Limitations– every type and style chairlift will have different weight limitations and it is important to make sure you chair can hold you safely before having one installed in your home.

 * Distance and Height– some stairlift designs are better suited for different size staircases so make sure yours can handle the distance it needs to travel and any height requirements for easy usage.

 * Price Considerations– price will also come into play so shop and compare features and prices and find a stairlift that will meet your needs while also fitting within your budget and spending guidelines.

 * Speed of Travel– depending on how large your staircase is, speed could be a factor- you don’t want to go too fast and get hurt but taking five minutes to go up a flight of stairs could also be problematic.

If you need help finding the best stairlifts for yourself or a family member who has difficulty climbing stairs on a regular basis, we are here to help! A2B Stairlifts Ltd has years of experience and we offer a wide range of sizes, styles, and layouts so you can find the lift that meets all your wants and needs. Come by and see our selection today!

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When shopping for a stairlift, it may seem at first like they all are the same. While it is true they all perform the same function, not all stairlift styles are the same. It is important to choose the right one for your needs and for your home. Here at A2B Stairlifts, we offer a range of options for those who are looking for stairlifts in Devon.

Straight-Rail Staircases

In general, most stairlifts are designed to fit along straight stairways. They attach to the handrails and baseboards, so a straight shot is much easier to accommodate and build. As such, they are also the cheapest options for stairlifts in Devon.

Curved and Winding Staircases

Not all homes have straight staircases, and if you have a curved or winding staircase we can accommodate your needs. Additional measurements and more specialized materials will be needed; thus, a higher price tag is likely.

Narrow Staircases

Standing and perching stair lifts are often used in narrow stairways that won’t accommodate a chair. They are like miniature elevator lifts where the user stands or sits on a small ledge as the platform moves up the stairs.

No Options for Using Staircases

If you do not have a staircase that will accommodate any sort of lift, then you may want to consider a vertical lift. These operate like a smaller version of a regular elevator and travel through the floors/ceilings from one room to another.

Bathtub Lifts

The final option we provide here at A2B Stairlifts Ltd is a single seated lift that is designed to attach to the bathtub. The purpose of this lift is to make getting in and out of the tub safer and easier for those who have problems with mobility.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about the options you have when it comes to finding stairlifts in Devon, give us a call today!

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Limited mobility does not have to keep you from living a happy and healthy life. Stairlifts are the answer for people that have difficulty going up and down stairs whether at home or out in public. They are a stylish and simple way to provide people with mobility challenges a way to reach public buildings as well as throughout their home. Choose from straight, L-shaped, half-landing to curved stairlifts from Plymouth stairlift companies that offer all kinds of services, as well. The professionals can fit a stairlift to many different types of staircases. They will also work closely with you to ensure you get the right stairlift for the type of stairs you have.

Stairlifts Provide Comfort & Security

It is important that you feel safe and secure while stairlifts are moving. There are many types of stairlifts that also include a foot rest that folds for convenience. Just unfold it to keep your feet safe while you enjoy a comfortable ride upstairs. There are also many colours available for seats too, so you can get the colour you prefer that fits the décor of your home.

The Professionals Offer Many Types of Services

Professional stairlift companies provide more than just trustworthy stairlifts. Typically, they include options for warranties on new products too. Those warranties protect against any defects. You can also invest in optional contracts for maintenance so you gain peace of mind concerning the smooth operation of your stairlift.

Preserve Your Independence

Stairlifts are the perfect option for a loved one who wants to preserve their independence. Just think of all of the slips and trips that can be eliminated when walking up stairs is a risk. Restrictions on how you live are also decreased. Stop living on just one floor within your home and have a stairlift installed that can help keep you mobile when it comes to tackling stairs. Visit for more information.

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Stairlifts are the best option for people with mobility issues. A home with stairs poses additional challenge for someone with mobility issues especially if they cannot go up or down the stairs. It is challenging for one to continue living their normal lives especially if they were not born with immobility issues. Stairlifts provide an affordable way of enhancing mobility instead of converting downstairs rooms to rooms that the person uses often times. Stairlifts have safety features which guarantee peace of mind for the user and their loved ones. Since there are straight, vertical and curved stairlifts, you can choose the most convenient stairlift for you.

The Right Provider Guarantees Satisfaction

Excellent stairlift providers place your need before their gain. Stairlifts are used round the clock so it is important for the company to be available when you need them. Most companies are available 24 hours. The companies have various stairlifts to choose from so as to suit the needs of their customers. For peace of mind and to prove their expertise, they have a gallery of completed projects. Click here to know more.

The Safe Choice

Just like other equipment, stairlifts experience normal wear and tear. This can inhibit their functionality. To eliminate the inconvenience of such and other damages, professional stairlift providers offer warranties. The warranty period varies depends on whether the stairlift is new or second hand at the time of purchase. The dealer stocks spare parts for the stairlifts so they take minimum time when repairing.

Valuable Customers Deserve Special Package

Stairlifts in Plymouth provide their customers with a special warranty offer. After their warranty expires, the customers can still continue enjoying valuable help. The contract enable customers to enjoy lower labour rate and zero charged unlimited call outs. They also enjoy a thorough inspection, maintenance and servicing of the stairlift once every year. The service is known as Annual Service and Safety Check.

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