When you are thinking about hardwood flooring for improving the interior of your home oak is often the number one choice chosen. Overall, oak floors are the popular hardwood flooring material chosen to all other hardwood flooring materials available. Where oak may be red, black, or white, these floors coincide and compliment with any interior design preferences providing a more uniform look throughout your home. When only the best will do your only option is oak flooring. You can find oak flooring in Exeter from a reputable timber company.

Types of Oak Flooring

There are 2 types of oak flooring material that are normally used in hardwood flooring for homes and that is white and red oak. The purity of white oak with high-lighted areas and beautiful imbedded, grains, works great in dining areas and bedrooms which can add significant elegance. White oak flooring makes rooms appear larger than they are and the white oak floors reflect light into the darkest corners of any room. Red oak is the most commonly preferred hardwood flooring material for homes; it is reddish in color with a unique and warm texture. It is the perfect decorative flooring material with its grain pattern. Red oak floors are softer in density and hardness than white oak; however, retain overall beauty with light maintenance year after year. Solid oak flooring can be purchased in unfinished, pre-finished, and engineered.

Tips on Oak Flooring

When choosing oak flooring for a home, it is recommended to install white oak in bathrooms or any room with high moisture content. However, in bedrooms, living spaces and kitchens it can be either white or red oak both of these types are superb choices. Obtainable in a variety of finishes, colours, and species, white and red oak floors offer endurance and versatility requiring no replacement when properly installed. Above all other, oak flooring reign supreme in affordability, overall beauty, and quality that cannot be denied. Visit the website for more information.

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Using Wood in Home Décor

Using Wood in Home Décor

Posted By on Jun 26, 2017

When you are trying to turn a house into a home, a lot of it comes down to making the space cosy, inviting, relaxing, and yours. There are many ways to make your home fit your wants and needs and style, and a popular way today is using wood in the home’s décor. Working with qualified and experienced timber supplies in Taunton and letting home décor experts show you how to maximize the natural appeal of wood, you can make your home all the more amazing in these areas:

Walls and Floors– wood is a perfect material to use in floor and wall constructions. The colours are rich and vibrant and com in many shades. The grain patterns of wood create interesting décor focal points as well.

Furniture– many wonderful pieces of furniture are made from wood, rom desks and tables to chairs and bookshelves. Natural wood is beautiful and unfinished wood is a popular option in furniture design.

Accessories– there are many accessories that make a house into a home and create the final décor look you are going for and wood’s colour and patterns make it a great option to consider for those final touches.

Décor– the overall look and feel of a home comes down to the way all the pieces come together and tied together, wooden theme and colours and patterns help finalize the décor plans for any room in the home.

Working with qualified and experienced timber supplies in Taunton and letting home décor experts show you the ins and outs of interior design can make a world of difference in the final look and feel of your home. For the best services in Taunton and the surrounding areas, call Blamphayne Sawmills today! You will be glad that you did!

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Tips for Caring for Wood Floors

Tips for Caring for Wood Floors

Posted By on Jun 26, 2017

Few things look as elegant and beautiful in a new home as wood flooring and while it is a great investment that helps boost the value of your home and increase sits appeal, they can be a bit difficult to care for if you have never had wood floors before. The best companies that offer timber supplies in Exeter know wood and how to care for it and they offer these five handy tips to help you keep your wood floors looking great year in and year out!

Dry Sweep Daily- Daily cleaning does not have to be an hour-long process. Just weeping the floors at the end of the day helps keep them clean and reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt and removes a big source of scratches and fading as well.

Use Rugs and Mats– High traffic areas in the home, particularly in hallways and entry ways, can benefit from throw rugs and door mats. This helps reduce wear and tear on the floor and also help to trap a lot of the dirt so it is not carried throughout the house.

Wet Mop Weekly– Weekly mopping with a damp mop keeps the floors bright and shiny and removes the stubborn dirt and grime before it gets ground into the wood grain of the floors and before it starts scratching the finishing off the boards.

Avoid Heavy Water Use– When cleaning your wood floors be sure not to use too much water and never saturate the floorboards. Too much water can cause buckling and warping of the wood board and it can also promote mould and mildew growth.

Reduce Wear and Tear– Take steps to minimize daily wear and tear on your floors. Have people take their shoes off before they come in, use claw caps to soften the nails of indoor pets, and stay on top of routine cleaning and floor maintenance!

For more tips and advice, contact Blamphayne Sawmills today and let them show you what expert timber supplies in Exeter looks like!

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Are you contemplating your next outdoor project such as a new deck to your home? Perhaps you want to install a fence around your property that will add appeal and privacy to your home? Whether you are working on a home improvement project for the inside or outside hardwood is a great choice when you want to add texture and warmth to your residence. Wood can provide a natural beauty that provides a unique look due to the different grains that the material offers. Timber merchants in Taunton can help you select the right kind of wood that will provide the beauty you are looking for while remaining functional.

Importance of Choosing the Right Material

When selecting wood for your home project, it is important to choose the right kind of material. While some wood material has to be chemically treated to prevent damage to the timber such as wood rot. There are types of wood that have a natural resistance to rot. This is vital for any outdoor project where the wood will be exposed to the elements and insects that can cause damage to lumber. When you are working on a task that requires the wood to be in contact with the ground you want to select a material that will prevent moisture from entering the wood that can cause fungi to grow.

Gain the Knowledge Your Require from a Trusted Merchant

When selecting material for a project that you are working on for your home, you want to choose the right product that will last you for numerous years. The skilled craftsmen at Blamphayne Sawmills Ltd. with the information that you require to make an educated decision on which style of wood to complete your next home project. They offer quality wood that provides a unique appearance and durability that you are looking for.

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Are you searching for a way to enrich your home? Do you want to add aesthetic appeal and bring out the inner beauty your dwelling shows potential to have? One way of accomplishing this is by installing hardwood floors in your home. If you want add instantaneous style to your home that will last you for years search for timber merchants in Exeter. They can help you select high-grade material that will enhance your residence with their striking grains and hues. Hardwood is one of the few flooring types that never go out of style and will only improve with age.

Your Options are Endless with Hardwood

Whether you are remodelling your kitchen, bedroom, or floors in every room of your home hardwood floors come in a variety of styles to provide you with numerous choices to select from. Dark or light hues, you can find an eye-catching pattern or texture that will enhance the inner beauty of your home. Each style of hardwood floor has a distinctive look that will complement each room of your home. Since there are various types of wood available to purchase, the material will match a variety of decorating styles.

Consult with an Expert to Find the Style of Flooring that will Flatter Your Home

If you are searching for durable material for your next home improvement that requires little maintenance consult with a professional. Blamphayne Sawmills Ltd. offers their clients years of knowledge and experience of working with various types of timber. They can help you select the right material to complete your next home project with. From cutting high-grade wood to installation, they skilled workers offer their clients friendly service and exceptional products at an affordable price. Their skilled craftsmen can assist you in designing your floor that will improve the value of your home.

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Do you want to remodel your home; however you are unsure where to start at? Perhaps you want to bring out the inner beauty of your home and looking for the right materials to accomplish this. One way that you can improve the value of your residence while adding aesthetic appeal is by installing oak flooring in Taunton. A majority of homeowners prefer oak wood versus other materials due to the natural beauty it provides and how easy it is to maintain. While some flooring cannot stand up to the wear and tear they are put through. The appearance of oak wood will actually improve over the years as the colour will become richer as the wood ages.

Benefits of Installing Oak Floors

* Oak is hardwood and extremely durable, it can last for generations if properly cared for.

* Maintenance to the wood is fairly easy since it does not accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and other debris.

* Since the wood does not trap dust and other particles it helps provide healthier air for the homeowners to breathe.

* It provides a high-quality look and one style of flooring that does not ever go out of style.

* Oak is a wise investment as it will last for years and improve the value of the home.

* The wood provides an attractive grain that adds to the beauty of the material.

Take Pride in Your Home by Purchasing Quality Wood from a Reputable Merchant

A home is one of the most prized possessions of a homeowner and an asset they are proud to own. When remodelling your home it is important to use quality products that will help you accomplish bringing out its beauty. If you are looking to install new floors in your home consult with a professional to determine the right style for your home. Blamphayne Sawmills Ltd have a wide range of wood products they offer their clients. From flooring to gates, they can help you select the right wood for your next home project.

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