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When you take flying lessons in Bristol (or anywhere else for that matter,) is quality time better than quantity? It’s an interesting question, and pilots are divided on the answer. Certainly when you’re first starting out, getting up in the air is a challenge, and when you finally do, it’s quite an accomplishment. Logging just a few hours going in circles is enough to gain you some of the experience you need and will work to calm your nerves the first few times. What about after that, though? Once you’ve achieved your pilot’s license, is the goal to still log hours, without any concern for anything else?

Some would say that quality is much more important at that stage than just logging hours (quantity.) When you travel the same path over and over again, repeating the same routines, you may become complacent and this could result in a dangerous situation, should something out of the ordinary come up. Yes, there are simulators that pilots must complete in order to respond to emergency situations, but it isn’t quite the same thing as a real-life situation. As a licensed pilot, you must keep your mind sharp and pay attention to even the smallest details. You can visit here to get more information.

All pilots agree that logging hours is important; but even though with thousands of hours logged will admit that all hours are not created equal. Here are some ways to sharpen your focus and increase the quality of the hours you log:

* Step outside of your comfort zone: You can do this by seeking out new opportunities, like flying to destinations you’ve never been to, or participating in an air race, or fly an aircraft you’ve never flown before.

* Don’t let your current skills go stagnant: Pay attention to each movement, each instrument. Communicate with your co-pilot and other crew members to make sure everyone understands what each should be doing.

* Make sure you log quality hours: Each flying experience should be quality-minded. Try to learn something new each flight and gain valuable experience, rather than treating it like just another flight.

Flying lessons in Bristol will go a long way towards helping you gain quality hours, rather than just quantity hours. Each take-off, landing and initial climb will give you valuable lessons in how to approach different situations, and make you a better pilot. When you build up your skills, you become an indispensable asset to the airline you work for, as well as your passengers. Get in touch with Devon & Somerset Flight Training today for further information.

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