Asbestos Removal

For years, asbestos has not been used in the construction industry. Identified by their colours, such as brown and blue, these fibrous minerals may be naturally occurring, but they pose a huge danger to anyone who comes in contact with them. Asbestos can be found in many environments and even inside old vehicles, due to the fact it was a preferred material for the construction of automobile parts before it became legal! So dangerous is the material that approximately 20 tradesmen die every week as a result of past exposure. Feed your knowledge about the importance of asbestos testing in London and you won’t feel hesitant to call in the professionals.

Prevent the Risks of Lung Complications

It is only when the fibres are inhaled that lung complications will arise. When lodged in the tissue of the lungs, lung problems can occur, with lung cancer being a major killer. It could be years or even decades until you notice that lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis is affecting your health. With that being said, asbestos testing in London is crucial to lower the risks of a problem.

Keep the Occupants of a Building Safe

Whether it is your family, friends or the people who work for your company, asbestos testing in London will ensure the safety of everyone who is inside the building that is suspected to contain asbestos. Coughing, difficulty when breathing and chest pain are some signs that exposure has taken its toll, so contact the professionals to safeguard health.

Stop the Scattering of Dangerous Fibres

Sawing, drilling and cutting materials that might contain asbestos is very risky, particularly if this happens when renovation or demolition work is taking place. If action needs to be taken following asbestos testing in London, the professionals will safely bag the waste and clean up along the way.

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The Dangers of Asbestos

The Dangers of Asbestos

Posted By on Sep 12, 2016

What is asbestos? It is a mineral fibre. Such a simple explanation for something that is so bad for you. Way back in 1924 the first person was recognized as having Asbestosis, and in 1931, mesothelioma was recognized for the very first time, but asbestos was never banned until 2003. For almost 80 years people were subjected to the dangers of asbestos even though the damage it could cause had already been shown.

How is Asbestos Removal Done?

To start with everything gets sealed off, doorways, windows, ducts, everything, and large warning signs are put up to warn people that asbestos removal is in progress. All of the air is sucked out of the area or room that is being worked on at a time. The negative air pressure stops air and dust particles (i.e. asbestos) from reaching other areas. For safety reasons every member of the disposal team wears disposable clothing, right down to their underwear. They also wear gloves and respirator masks. All asbestos material s are deliberately removed, double-bagged, labelled and transported in conformance with all pertinent laws and regulations. All surfaces will be wiped and vacuumed. Finally an independent lab will conduct testing to check safety levels and give the all clear.

Breakdown of the Work Process

  • Documentation and Arrangements     10%
  • Preparing and Erecting Enclosure       40%
  • Asbestos Removal                                10%
  • Environmental Cleaning                       30%
  • 4 Stage Clearance                                 10%

Each and every single one of these steps is important in their own right and each one needs to be followed exactly and correctly in order to keep everyone safe, perform the work properly and completely, and meet all necessary laws, rules and regulations. Blue A, Ltd. is a London based company who can aid you with asbestos removal from one room up to an entire demolition.

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They say that the average asbestos disposal cost in London is anywhere between £100 and £200, but this can vary entirely on the circumstances. Since the 1940s, millions of workers around the world have been exposed to asbestos after working in hazardous environments. This was well before the dangers of the naturally occurring fibrous material were discovered. Whether someone works directly with asbestos or in an environment where they might come into contact with it, the risks of long-term health consequences and a persistent cough might occur, depending on the level of exposure. Workers and property owners can protect themselves from exposure to asbestos, so long as they hire a trained team of removal specialists. Want to calculate the price before the job commences? Here are some factors that will cause the price to rise or drop.

The Area Being Covered

Before a survey can even be completed, the person or persons you hire for the job must know precisely how much area will be covered. This will enable them to draw up an accurate quote and most importantly, plan for the job ahead. The asbestos disposal cost in London will increase by square footage and if, worst case scenario occurs, the asbestos removal specialists will probably have to conduct a demolition. Considering the man hours that go into this work and the extent of the area being covered, it’s understandable that the cost will inflate. Keep this in mind when setting a budget.

The Level of Contamination

Some asbestos problems will be worse than others. If the roof on a property was simply constructed with asbestos, the contamination may not be as severe as it would on a property that has asbestos contaminated walls, cladding, etc. A survey and report will reveal the results of this and allow the contractor to collect a suitable range of equipment (as well as a helpful team of staff) to get the job done accurately and swiftly.

Accessibility and Obstacles

Every property is designed in a different way, with some being easier to work on than others. The asbestos disposal cost in London will reduce if there are fewer obstacles to work around, such as fences and trees. Premises that are easily accessible will reduce man hours and ultimately speed up the job, allowing you to live in an asbestos-free environment. This will also allow for the industry experts to move onto another project without any delays or speed bumps happening in-between.

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As many people are already aware, asbestos is a highly toxic and hazardous substance that can cause a variety of very serious health issues for those exposed to its dust and fibres. However, this was not always widely known and as such the material was once widely used in the construction of homes and commercial building around the country. This means that despite the potential dangers of exposure there are now many people who have asbestos in their properties and are therefore at risk of exposure in the event that the asbestos becomes damaged or is disturbed.

In order to try and combat this problem, you can turn to professional asbestos removal in Hemel Hempstead. This is a service that is carried out by experts with years of experience in this field as well as the right knowledge, skills and equipment to conduct the removal safely and efficiently. When you use expert asbestos removal services in Hemel Hemstead you can benefit from speed, safe removal of this material from your property along with peace of mind.

Why use the professionals?

There are many key reasons you should look at using professional asbestos removal services in Hemel Hemstead if you have this substance in your property. Some of the key benefits of doing this include:

  • Safe removal: Professionals will adhere strictly to important Health & Safety regulations when it comes to the removal of this material. You can therefore rest assured that the asbestos will be removed safely and efficiently, which means that you no longer have to worry about exposure.
  • Peace of mind: When you use professionals to get this important task carried out, you will be able to benefit from vital peace of mind. Having asbestos in your property can cause a lot of concern and worry but when you have it professionally removed you can reduce the risks of exposure and therefore the concerns about asbestos in the property.
  • A thorough job: When you use a reputable company to remove asbestos from your home or commercial premises, you can be certain that the job will be a professional and thorough one. Again, this provides invaluable reassurance for those who want to eliminate the risks that come with having asbestos in the home.

Finding a company that has a solid reputation in this field means that you will be able to benefit from the expertise and skills of experienced professionals.

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Not knowing whether or not asbestos is present in your home or office can be both concerning and dangerous. If you suspect the presence of asbestos, the first thing to do is to have a professional complete a survey. If you find out that asbestos is present, you will want to get in touch with local asbestos removal specialists as soon as possible.

Safety First
When you think about asbestos, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the word “danger.” Although once commonly used in the building construction industry, asbestos has since been known to cause illnesses such as cancer and is widely banned as a construction resource. Any asbestos removal specialist will first be thinking of your family and what needs to be done to keep them safe. They will then think of their workers. Asbestos is dangerous to work with and it is important that the company you choose has trained professionals and the appropriate safety equipment for removing this substance.

Working with Asbestos
Sometimes a survey will show that the entire house needs to be stripped of old asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). In other cases, it may be that a single room or area needs to be demolished for some new construction or remodeling work. In some cases, a partial asbestos removal can be safely performed. Be sure to get a survey from our team at Blue A LTD before beginning any structural work on your own. We will first assess the damage and then present you with a complete restoration plan.

Living with Asbestos
Any qualified asbestos removal specialist will be able to tell you whether or not it is safe to continue living or working in the presence of asbestos. In many cases, the structure of the ACM is in good condition and no immediate danger is present. In other cases, a partial removal or a full demolition may be necessary. Allow our asbestos removal specialists at Blue A LTD to guide you through the best solution for your individual situation. Asbestos removal can be a daunting proposition but with the right professional, safe and qualified team, it can be affordable and efficiently handled.

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You may be concerned about the possible presence of asbestos in your home or workplace. Asbestos is a hazardous substance that often goes unnoticed without a deeper look at the structure of a building.

The best way to determine if asbestos is present is to have a professional London-based company do a detailed survey. You may require either a standard asbestos survey or asbestos demolition survey. These surveys will assess the presence of asbestos as well as the amount and condition of the present materials containing any asbestos. (These are known as asbestos-containing materials or ACMs).

Having a clear record of the asbestos in the building will help you assess the risks before doing any kind of repair, maintenance or demolition work. Once you know if any ACMs are present and the severity, you can create a plan to make any necessary repairs.

Standard Asbestos Survey
The most common survey type is often called a management survey. This level of service is done by a professional who will locate and assess any possible asbestos presence. He or she will then determine how much asbestos is present as well as the condition of the ACMs. For the most part, this type of survey can be done with minimal intrusion to the building’s structure. The report from this survey will tell you whether or not any immediate remedial action is necessary. A Blue A LTD professional from our team will help you determine the best next-steps after any assessment.

Asbestos Demolition Survey
If you think you have at least some asbestos present, a more comprehensive survey is known as a refurbishment and demolition survey. At Blue A LTD, we offer these surveys on a regular basis for our customers in the London area who are planning to have work done on a building or to have the entire building destroyed by demolition. This type of survey is completed before any work or demolition is done in a building that may have ACMs present.

The process of assessing the amount of asbestos in an asbestos demolition survey is more intrusive and may include removing or dismantling areas of the building. This may take place only in the area where work is to eventually be performed or it could be around the entire building.

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