Sheet Metal Shearing and Fabrication

Sheet Metal Shearing and Fabrication

Posted By on Feb 28, 2017

Shearing is one of the most important processes involved in sheet metal fabrication. In this process, a great force is applied for cutting the metal sheet for fabrication work. Therefore, it is very difficult for a common man to do this kind of work. You need the help of an experienced mechanic to perform the shearing of sheet metal.

What is Shearing?

There are many steps involved in the process of sheet metal fabrication. In this process, a straight line is cut across a full metal sheet. In almost all the shearing cases, a great amount of shearing force is applied to successfully cut the metal sheets. Therefore, this process is sometimes known as the shearing process. Shearing, when compared to laser cutting, is more cost effective and hence the more popular way of cutting sheet metals.

Processes Involved in Sheet Metal Shearing and Fabrication

The term shearing means a cutting process. In this process, flat sheet metals are cut into separate pieces of sheets. The primary use of shearing is to cut sheet metals into smaller pieces so that we can use these small pieces.

For shearing, we have the guillotine machines. These machines dependent on the type can be operated by hand or by electric power. The blades present in these machines have a square edge when compared to knife-edges. The materials that are commonly sheared include aluminum, brass, stainless steel and mild steel.

It is always advised to get the help of a sheet metal shearing expert when you are going to cut a sheet metal. They can easily find the best approach for cutting the sheet metal and do a neat job without damaging the edges of the sheet metal.


SAMS Fabrications Ltd has a huge range of shearing and fabrication facilities for sheet metal fabrications. The manufacturing process, we use, are of the best quality and our completed products meet the specific purposes.

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