If you are a self-employed Briton, chances are you are already aware of the SEISS and may be preparing to make your first or a subsequent claim under this scheme. If so, it is important to note that the scheme does carry tax implications. In addition, claimants must be prepared to provide more documentation than under previous iterations of the scheme, as well as to meet stricter criteria. If you intend to file for coverage under the SEISS but are unsure where to begin, you would likely benefit from working with a tax accountant in Epsom.

As mentioned above, the SEISS scheme has tax implications. If you’re unsure how to calculate your profits from the 2020 financial year and where the SEISS fits in, consider contacting a tax accountant in Epsom in conjunction with your application. Putting together a claim that demonstrates eligibility and has all the necessary information is the best way to ensure your application is successful. Failure to do so may delay funding from the scheme or even mean you miss out altogether. Tax accountants understand the relevance of this scheme and how you can demonstrate your eligibility to HMRC.

One agency with tax accountants in Epsom is David Beckman & Co. Ltd. The agency is experienced with making successful claims under each iteration of the SEISS. If it’s important for you as a self-employed Briton to obtain the financial support that the SEISS offers, you must endeavour to file the strongest possible application. Failing to do so or demonstrate that your operations have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic may result in your application being rejected. Another possibility is that you experience considerable delays in receiving the funding that you need as a result of an incomplete or weak application. Putting everything you can into making a strong SEISS claim is very worthwhile.

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Are you looking for something that is more traditional for your home’s windows? If so, then timber sash windows in Tonbridge might be ideal. You can improve the look of the house with such a window style, and there are many varieties and collections available. It is important to utilise a skilled craftsman to help design and supply your authentic sash window. These professionals are going to make sure that these windows meet all of your needs. You can also choose between hardwood and pine.

Make sure that the manufacturer and fitter uses a five-stage process on your timber sash windows in Tonbridge. This means that the product is given some special protection so that it isn’t going to rot, have insect infestations, or develop mould. There should be two chemical dips to help with this, as well as reduce the risk of moisture absorption. Then, the undercoat and primer are applied, and only microporous products should be used. You’re then offered a spray finish of your colour choice for the first and second coating.

Microporous paints are used by the professionals at The Window Sanctuary. This allows the fibres of timber to be fully penetrated so that protection is developed from within. Traditional cellulose paints just coat the surface and must be reapplied yearly. With microporous paint, the process only needs to be repeated once every seven years. Timber sash windows in Tonbridge are energy efficient when glazed with the Thermafloat sealed units. You’ve also got a seal with Q-Lon, which ensures that draughts can’t get into the home. For security, the ultra-tight lock is ideal and comes with the window unit. Plus, you can choose your own fittings. Why not get in touch with The Window Sanctuary today to discuss your options and request your free quotation.

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