There are many discussions about whether choosing a scooter or choosing a wheelchair as means of mobility if one is physically impaired in some way. The truth of the matter is that having an electronic mobility scooter is much easier and more beneficial to people who are in need of a handicap-accessible means of transportation.

But the question everyone asks is: why are mobility scooters better?

Well, to put it simply, mobility scooters are the easiest and most helpful method for physically handicapped persons. Here are three examples of why mobility scooters are the better choice over wheelchairs.

1. Mobility Scooters Are More Handicap Accessible.

Because those using mobility scooters are in need of more accessibility than others, it is important to think of the easiest way for them to get around. Mobility scooters allow for an easier way for the rider to turn and navigate through their house, ride down the sidewalk or street, as well as drive through stores and places in order to get daily activities done in an easier and simpler way.

2. Mobility Scooters Have More Styles.

There are many more styles of mobility scooters than there are of wheelchairs, which is why many people prefer choosing a scooter over wheelchairs. The aesthetically pleasing features and seating of the scooters make it more fun and enjoyable for the riders since they have more of a plethora of choices for styles, colours, and designs. This makes mobility scooters the better option for younger users who fear being outcast by their scooter in school or with friends.

3. Mobility Scooters Offer More Support.

Mobility scooters allow for their rider to have extra support and help during their daily lives doing simple necessary activities such as cleaning the house or going to the grocery store each week. They provide a more comfortable seat and foot area as well as some more padding on the back and headrest for ease and comfort of its rider. This is why mobility scooters are the best choice for anyone in need of support while sitting in their scooter. To know more, click here.

After viewing these four examples of why mobility scooters are more beneficial and better than a simple wheelchair, the choice is up to you to decide which one is truly right for your needs and lifestyle. Mobility Scooters in Bridgwater can easily be found and chosen through Exeter Disability Centre Ltd for those living in the UK.

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You have finally decided that your loved one needs to take advantage of the mobility scooters in Bridgwater. Your loved one will be able to get around easily, keep their independence, and will thank you for thinking of them when the scooter is presented. However, you need to find the right scooter to meet the needs of your elderly loved one as well. Read on below for a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Do Careful Research

The first thing you need to do is careful research into the kinds of mobility scooters in Bridgwater. Whether it’s online or at a mobility equipment store, you want to do careful research before making any type of a decision.

Ask Family and Friends

As with anything else in the world today, word of mouth is still the best way to find the best product to suit your needs. Talk to family, friends, and even neighbours that may have purchased a mobility scooter in the past to see what brand and type they would recommend. Remember, there are different types of scooters on the market, and you want the one that best suits the individual needs of your loved one.

Read Reviews

Once you have found a scooter that you think might work for your loved one, it’s time to go online and read the reviews. Go to the website of the company that makes the scooter you are considering and see what customer reviews look like. After you have carefully researched the scooter go to the dealer and make your choice based on your research and careful deliberation.

These are just a few ideas to help you find the right mobility scooter for your loved one. For more information, contact the Exeter Disability Centre Ltd today.

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The exhaust system consists of a series of pipes that will carry the fumes produced by the engine out the side or rear of the automobile. There are four primary functions an exhaust system of an automobile performs when the vehicle is operating. The system improves how much fuel is being consumed by the automobile and increase how the engine performs to contribute to a reliable auto for the owner. In addition to controlling how much noise is produced by the automobile and directing harmful gasses away from the passengers in the vehicle that can be dangerous to breathe in. With high-quality exhausts in Portsmouth, automobile owners can maintain an eco-friendly and dependable auto.

Signs of a Failing System

Since the exhaust system is placed under a car, it can be difficult to find a problem with exhausts in Portsmouth until it is too late. However, there are a few signs an automobile owner can look for to prevent a major issue with their system. A decrease in acceleration or power produced by the engine can be a sign there is a problem with the exhaust system. You notice a rattling sound coming from the underside of the vehicle or loud noises being emitted by the exhaust. Another sign of the system failing is a strong odour raw gasoline can be smelled inside the auto.

Reliable Garage Services Can Keep Your Car in Top Condition

To pass the annual MOT testing, an automobile requires a functional exhaust system to prove the car is safe for the road. At P.E.T.S. they deliver the dependable services auto owners can rely on to help keep their automobile functioning properly. Whether you suspect a problem with the exhaust system or preparing for your auto’s MOT test, they can help keep your auto functioning properly with their first-rate car services. Click here for more information.

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Tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle that eventually determines the efficiency and functionality of other vital parts. Underinflated and deadbeat tyres can jeopardize the safety of you and the passengers with you while driving. Most people don’t pay attention to tyres until it’s time to replace them. Instead of spending excessive sums of money on tyre replacements, it’s considered prudent to have a periodic tune-up performed for just your tyres. Proper maintenance ensures your tyres function correctly and last longer. If you’re looking for experienced mechanics that provides maintenance and other services for tyres in Portsmouth then you need to contact P.E.T.S. garage.
Exceptional Tyre Services
When it comes to taking care of tyres in Portsmouth experienced mechanics provide exceptional tyre services such as tyre alignment and wheel alignment as well as balancing. In order to keep your vehicle performing like it should it’s important that your tyres are in great condition. If your tyres are old and the tread is worn down you need to replace them as soon as possible. A mechanic will inform you of the wide-range of tyres they have to offer which include premium, mid-range and budget. They make it a point to keep a stock of new tyres from an array of well-respected and well-known manufacturers.
Visual Examination
It’s advisable to inspect your tyres visually from time to time for any embedded objects, punctures, or damages. Frequently cuts and damages are rendered to tyres due to heavy impact between tyres and potholes or even curbs. Also, keep in mind to check the tyre pressure. Tyres need to be properly inflated. If you see any noticeable damage, immediately seek assistance from Portsmouth Exhaust & Tyre Services (P.E.T.S.) garage. Their mechanics will evaluate your tyres condition and offer their professional advice on what course of action to take.
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People of all ages can have difficulty with mobility. Luckily, the use of a mobility scooter can benefit people with disabilities including limited movement. Today you can find mobility scooters in Taunton with improved designs that are an increasingly popular choice that helps you maintain your independence. There are more sightings of scooters along streets proving that they are a worthwhile investment when you want to stay mobile and continue to live life to the fullest. The Exeter Disability Centre can assist you in finding the perfect electric scooter so you can travel with ease.

Get Out and About and Keep Your Independence

Being able to keep your independence is one of the top reasons to purchase an electric scooter. You won’t be stuck in your home or depending on other people to take you most places. When you own a scooter for mobility purposes you will be able to keep your independence and visit family and friends, shop for yourself and even keep appointments that help you to improve the quality of your life. Electric scooters can make a big and positive impact, especially if you struggle with walking short distances. They literally give you a brand-new lease on life.

Electric Scooters Relieve Strain

Have you ever owned a wheelchair? While they are very helpful when it comes to staying mobile, they can be difficult to push and even harder to manoeuvre when you’re trying to self-propel. An electric scooter will relieve that strain and help you save energy. They are capable of travelling long distances and are easily charged so you gain the freedom you’ve always wanted. The great thing about a scooter is that some of them come with accessories such as baskets that are essential when it comes to shopping. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or elderly, if you’re unsteady on your feet an electric scooter is the perfect answer to your challenges.

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There are certainly more reasons to live in a home where you can access every place than one where you cannot. Accessibility increases the functionality of a home. Unfortunately, lifestyle changes can render one immobile or incapable of accessing all places in the house. Stairlifts provide a stylish and reliable way of accessing rooms up or down the stairs.


There are a wide variety of stairlifts in Plymouth. There are L-shaped, straight and half landing staircases. To provide a perfect solution, there are curved and straight stairlifts. If you want a stairlift to be installed outside the premises, then a curved stairlift is the best. The straight and curved stairlift are good for installation inside the house. The two kinds of stairlifts are compact and are collapsible, meaning they are economic on space.


A stairlift provides a simple and efficient solution for normal and new routines around the home. At the end of the day you are left taking control of your own schedules and routines at home. It is easy to use. The user sits on the stair seat and using the remotely controlled functionalities, he/she travels to whichever floor they want. This makes life much comfortable and easy.

Custom Stairlifts

The variety and flexibility of stairlifts give homeowners an opportunity to be creative. But first of all, you need to find a trusted stairlift installation company. This is to ensure that you get the right type of stairlift that will suit your needs for the stairwell and the members of the household who will be using it. Stairlifts are easy to use and install. Depending on the needs around the home, you can fit them to the wall or the stairs and can be permanent or temporary. This means they can be installed and uninstalled easily and quickly.

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