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Double Glazing Benefits

Posted By on Jun 9, 2023

Double glazing is the more expensive alternative to the usual brand of window design. Basically, double glazed windows are designed to be layered windows, with many panes within each other, with little pockets in between. If you are fascinated by double glazing designs in North Wales, here is a guide to the many other benefits of this window design.

#1. Warmer in winter

Because double glazing is designed to keep heat indoors, winter becomes a lot less cold. This is because the little pockets between each pane keep heat from escaping as easily. Double glazing is ideal for insulation, able to trap up to 70% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost through single pane windows. And if that wasn’t enough, it also traps more of the heat given off by the winter sun, meaning that more heat makes it through from the outside.

#2. Cooler in summer

Before you start worrying that more heat being insulated means hell for summer, fear not. Double glazed windows insulate against all types of extreme temperatures. The layers of panes trap the sun’s rays in summer, distributing it out so the heat isn’t nearly as bad. This exponentially minimizes the heat that otherwise would’ve gone right through a single pane window and driving up your cooling bill.

#3. Less condensation

Especially in older homes, condensation is a real problem. That water can cause mildew or mould, which, if you have any sort of lung problems, will spell trouble for you. In worse cases, it can rot the timber that makes up the frame and wall. Double glazed windows cut back on condensation by trapping and evaporating any water that forms on the outer panes.

#4. Reduced noise

A great thing about having a multi-layered window, is that the layers catch soundwaves that try to travel through them. Each layer thus dampens the soundwave more and more until what’s left finally makes it through. This cuts down noise tremendously, making double glazed windows ideal for neighborhoods where the houses are very close together. Noise complaints are a thing of the past.

There are many more benefits to double glazed designs for the window. But these are typically the main selling points for buyers. If these sound like a good reason to invest in double glazed windows, call your local building contractor, and see if you can’t have some installed in your home today. Browse the site for more information.

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Fascias and Soffit Repair

Fascias and Soffit Repair

Posted By on Mar 13, 2018

The whole idea behind your fascia and soffits are that they’re not noticed. If all is well, they shouldn’t even be in your thoughts the majority of the time. However, that poses a new issue: being able to notice a problem before it gets bad. Since we’re not likely to look in so specific a place as the fascia and soffit, we’re unlikely to notice any problems until they get bad. That said, if you’re interested in fascias and soffits repair in North Wales, here is a basic guide to the most likely problems to face with both devices, and what can be done.

#1. Bee/hornet/wasp nests

This is probably the easiest to notice. Hornets and wasps in particular, are very territorial insects and will buzz about and even sting people who get too close. So, when the nest is built, it likely won’t take you long to notice, unless the nest has been made on the side of the house you don’t typically venture around to. If that happens, then it may be a bit, and when you finally notice, you’ll find that the nest has likely grown. If it’s still small, you can get it down with a broom and a few quick jabs. However, if it’s grown reasonably large, then you’ll have to call an exterminator.

#2. Water and water damage

Under normal circumstances, your fascia and soffit are designed to handle water. However, a damaged soffit is another story. If water gets into a damaged soffit, it can build and build up until it becomes a real problem. Worse yet, it may be a bit before you notice, even when it gets bad. At this point, one of two things will happen. Either the water will build up to the point where the soffit just falls out from under it, or the water will be small in amount, but be there so long it starts to create mould and mildew. Thankfully, like most cases of mould/mildew, fixing it is simple. Just get a broom, a cleaning solution comprised of water and bleach, and scrub the mould/mildew off of the soffit. It shouldn’t take long for it to fall off from there. As for water build up. It’s best for a professional to replace your soffit, if you don’t know how.

Fascias and soffits are delicate parts of your house, when they get even a bit damaged. So be sure to keep an eye on them and watch for when they start to show problems. Visit the site for more details.

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If you need to have your windows or doors replaced on your home, then you might want to check into double glazing in Wrexham. If you have never heard of double glazing, then you will want to read on to find out just what it can do for you. If you already know about double glazed doors and windows, then read on below for a few of the top reasons you should hire the professionals to take care of it for you, instead of trying to do it yourself.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing in Wrexham is considered an upgrade from the standard windows and doors of the past. When you have standard doors and windows, you lose heat and are in danger of windows and doors breaking easily. When you have double glazed instead, you have an extra barrier between you and the outside world.

Reliability and Experience

If you are considering double glazing your windows yourself, you need to know first that if you don’t have the experience necessary, you can really mess things up. Hiring the professionals gives you the peace of mind of knowing that they come with experience, knowledge, and reliability. Besides, if they mess up your windows and doors you have a guarantee, if you mess up putting in double glazed doors and windows, you are just out of a lot of money.

These are just a couple of tips on what double glazing in Wrexham is and a few reasons why you should hire the professionals to take care of it for you. For more information and to have your windows and doors double glazed the right way, contact the professionals at Morton & Jones for help and any questions you might have.

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Double glazing, also known as insulated glazing has become extremely popular in recent years. Many people are replacing their standard windows and doors with double glazed on a steady basis now. What double glazing does is use two panes of glass, instead of one, to reduce the level of noise and heat that gets inside. If you are still wondering what the benefits of double glazing are, read on below to find out.

A Home that is More Comfortable

Double glazing in North Wales will make your family feel more comfortable inside your home. Not only will it be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, you will also be able to block a lot of the outside noise that can be so distracting at times.

Your Home will be More Secure

When intruders break into a home, they want one that is easy to get in and out of. With double glazed windows, they have to go through two layers of glass to get into your home, instead of one. Most burglars will give up and move onto another house, leaving your family safe and secure inside.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

In today’s world, everyone is looking to save the earth and reduce their carbon footprint in any little way they can. Having double glazed doors and windows on your home helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming out of your home, therefore helping you do your part to help save the earth for the children of the future.

These are just a few of the top benefits of double glazing in North Wales. From reducing your carbon footprint to making your home secure and comfortable, double glazing is the only way to go. For more information, contact the professionals at Morton & Jones for help.

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