Double Glazing Benefits

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Home and Garden

Double glazing is the more expensive alternative to the usual brand of window design. Basically, double glazed windows are designed to be layered windows, with many panes within each other, with little pockets in between. If you are fascinated by double glazing designs in North Wales, here is a guide to the many other benefits of this window design.

#1. Warmer in winter

Because double glazing is designed to keep heat indoors, winter becomes a lot less cold. This is because the little pockets between each pane keep heat from escaping as easily. Double glazing is ideal for insulation, able to trap up to 70% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost through single pane windows. And if that wasn’t enough, it also traps more of the heat given off by the winter sun, meaning that more heat makes it through from the outside.

#2. Cooler in summer

Before you start worrying that more heat being insulated means hell for summer, fear not. Double glazed windows insulate against all types of extreme temperatures. The layers of panes trap the sun’s rays in summer, distributing it out so the heat isn’t nearly as bad. This exponentially minimizes the heat that otherwise would’ve gone right through a single pane window and driving up your cooling bill.

#3. Less condensation

Especially in older homes, condensation is a real problem. That water can cause mildew or mould, which, if you have any sort of lung problems, will spell trouble for you. In worse cases, it can rot the timber that makes up the frame and wall. Double glazed windows cut back on condensation by trapping and evaporating any water that forms on the outer panes.

#4. Reduced noise

A great thing about having a multi-layered window, is that the layers catch soundwaves that try to travel through them. Each layer thus dampens the soundwave more and more until what’s left finally makes it through. This cuts down noise tremendously, making double glazed windows ideal for neighborhoods where the houses are very close together. Noise complaints are a thing of the past.

There are many more benefits to double glazed designs for the window. But these are typically the main selling points for buyers. If these sound like a good reason to invest in double glazed windows, call your local building contractor, and see if you can’t have some installed in your home today. Browse the site for more information.

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