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What to Check on Your Stairlift

What to Check on Your Stairlift

Posted By on Mar 28, 2018

The best way to tell if your stairlift is experiencing problems is to keep watch for stutters in functionality, strange noise, or listening for a constant beeping noise. When you notice one or more of these, then you should start looking around for problems. Where to look is crucial and might help you figure out whether or not you need to call a repair company to have a look at your stairlift. If you are in possession of or searching for stairlifts in Plymouth, here are the most common areas to check to help determine whether there’s a problem with them or not.

#1. The Power Supply

The first thing you should check is to make sure that the power supply’s power chord is correctly plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is, then make sure that the outlet it’s plugged into works properly or is on. Power outlets have electrical circuit breakers that control whether they put out power or not. After confirming this, and that there’s nothing wrong with the chord and the power supply itself, move on to the next two.

#2. The key switch

Key switch complaints are far more common than one might suspect. If your stairlift isn’t working, then perhaps your stairlift’s key switch is still technically in the off position, despite being mostly turned to the on position. As for where the key switch is, this can vary to a lot of different places, from the arm rest, to the top landing chassis, or lower front cover, to name a few. It won’t take you that long if you know what you’re looking for.

#3. Error code

If there is a problem, and simple diagnostic isn’t cutting it, but you don’t know how to spot actual problems with this machinery, then look for the error codes. Each code means some different kind of error, which your owner’s manual will walk you through. Most of the codes indicate a simple problem, that just requires a quick look over by a local repair company to figure out and fix what’s wrong. Other times it may be something legitimately serious and it probably won’t take you long to see the problem on your own. But the error code is a good heads up to these problems, so you can have someone work them out early.

If you need a good, experienced stairlift company to fix a problem with your stairlift, try the professionals over at A2b Stairlifts Ltd.

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Types of Stairlifts That Are Available

Types of Stairlifts That Are Available

Posted By on Mar 28, 2018

For a senior with mobility issues, be it weight, or problems with their motor controls, a stairlift can be an invaluable tool for getting up and down the levels of their house. Some older folks simply don’t have the ability to do so with their legs any more. But what type of stairlift do you go with? It can vary depending on who you are, or what your condition is. So, whether you think you need straight, battery powered, or curved stairlifts in Exeter, here are the most common types of stairlifts on the current market.

#1. Straight stairlift

This is the prototypical, most commonly used, and widest available model of stairlift out there. As the name implies, a straight stairlift will take you directly up a straight line of steps but will be ineffectual when it comes to any staircase that curves, turns, or bends. These stairlifts are dependable but limited to the types of stairs they can be used for. Which is why you turn to its sister model.

#2. Curved stairlift

This is the model you go for when you have any kind of turns or bends for your staircase. These stairlifts are elaborately built, and will freely navigate corners, changes, and bends in the trajectory of the staircase. These are quickly becoming just as, if not more popular than their straightforward sibling model, because curved staircases are much more common than one might at first suspect. As such, if your staircase isn’t straightforward enough for a straight stairlift, turn to this model instead.

#3. Battery powered stairlifts

When it comes to the type of power for one of these lifts, you’re looking at two options. One is electrical powered, which work just fine, but the chord can be cumbersome, and it makes a lot of noise. Battery powered stairlifts, on the other hand, recharge either at the base station or on the track itself, provide a smoother ride than the electric model, and are significantly quieter than the electric variety. While both perform their function just fine (neither would be on the market if it were otherwise) battery powered stairlifts are the ones people tend to gravitate to more, so they are the more recommended model.

Stairlifts have been steadily growing in popularity among the senior population, and for good reason. They provide excellent service for those who simply can’t walk up and down the stairs like they used to. If you need a stairlift either for yourself or for a loved one, look up A2B Stairlifts Ltd.

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When it comes to remodelling a home, there are endless possibilities for improving the aesthetic appeal and value of the residence. From the interior to the exterior, you can make various changes to help you obtain the home of your dreams. One efficient way of enhancing the home that can help save you money over time is with the installation of UPVC windows in Southampton. New windows can improve the exterior appearance of your home while providing the insulation required to reduce the transfer of heat into and out of the building. By installing new windows, you can reduce the cost of your utility bill that will virtually pay for the new windows over time.

Additional Advantages of Installing New Windows

* Today’s windows made with double glazing are harder to break; which can lead to an improved security feature to help prevent break-ins.

* Gives your home a more modern look and can be used as a selling point if you should decide to sell your home.

* Minimizes how much outdoor noise comes into the home. This can be beneficial in high-traffic areas that cause a vast amount of noise outside.

* UPVC windows in Southampton are easier to maintain to help extend the lifespan of the windows.

* Improved insulation to help regulate a comfortable temperature inside the home and prevent UV rays from causing damage to your furniture or carpeting.

Consult with a Contractor Today

ABCO Windows Ltd offers you experienced and highly-trained contractors that can assist you in selecting new windows for your home. From the design to the colours, they can help you make a well-informed decision in which type of windows to install and fit within your budget. Their certified trainers will work diligently to complete the installation with minimal disruption to your life.

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Benefits of Removal Companies

Benefits of Removal Companies

Posted By on Mar 23, 2018

Removal companies have numerous benefits for both businesses and individuals. These benefits include packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and even cleaning. Moreover, there are additional advantages offered by removal companies as discussed below.

1. Relieves stress and eases pressure

Moving from one location to the next can be extremely tiresome, and it can be highly stressful. If you work and have a family to take care of on top of trying to move, the stress is multiplied. A company that specializes in removals in Exeter can be extremely beneficial in this instance. They will take care of nearly every detail of the move if you want them to, so that you can focus on your daily life and eliminate the stress that comes along with a move.

2. Protection for your furniture

When moving, most people will demand affirmation that their assets will reach the desired destination safe and sound. Removals companies will have protocols in place to guarantee you that your possessions are protected. Moreover, removal companies will offer insurance protection in most cases. They will treat your goods with care to keep them as safe as possible during the move.

3. Make Your Move Easy

Professional removal firms in Exeter hire trained moving professionals that have extensive knowledge on packing various types of goods and moving them safely from point A to point B. They will pack up your current location, move it, and unpack it at your new location before you know it. This will make your move as easy as 1-2-3. You can sit back and relax in your new location instead of having to deal with the stressors involved with moving.

At Rose Removals and Storage of Devon, you will get the quality services that you need and deserve. Contact them today for a free estimate or to get answers to your questions.

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Couples search tirelessly for ‘the wedding’ venue that fits their plan and one that they believe will match well with their desires. Most couples work with wedding planners to help them actualize their wedding dreams in terms of venue, catering, and decorations amongst other things. Your opinion matters the most and the planner should only help you to fine-tune your ideas for the wedding. They should not fully take over unless you want them to.

A Roomy Fit

Do not underestimate the space needed depending on your guest list. Some wedding venues have large and small wedding venue rooms, so you can choose the best room. Sometimes a room looks very large when empty, but when tables, chairs and other wedding essentials are arranged, it looks very small. Consider the accessories that you intend to put in the room as you consider the size of the room.

Refreshment and entertainment areas

As you choose a venue, find out if your guests will have a place to dance freely, eat comfortably, and interact with the other guests easily. The food provided during a wedding should be yummy. Most wedding venues in Bedfordshire have chefs who are specialized in cooking various types of cuisines. If you would like to treat your guests to various cuisines, choose a venue that provides a diverse menu. The venue should have a bar that provides various champagnes, wines, beers, and soft drinks.


Weddings are one of the ceremonies where guests like listening to all the words spoken. Having more than one event in a venue can snatch away the privacy and act as a distraction to your guests. A venue such as The Auction House hosts one event at a time. Guests enjoy their privacy as they have all the grounds to themselves to enjoy. Choose a venue which represents your wedding desires in the best way.

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