Types of Stairlifts That Are Available

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Stairlifts

For a senior with mobility issues, be it weight, or problems with their motor controls, a stairlift can be an invaluable tool for getting up and down the levels of their house. Some older folks simply don’t have the ability to do so with their legs any more. But what type of stairlift do you go with? It can vary depending on who you are, or what your condition is. So, whether you think you need straight, battery powered, or curved stairlifts in Exeter, here are the most common types of stairlifts on the current market.

#1. Straight stairlift

This is the prototypical, most commonly used, and widest available model of stairlift out there. As the name implies, a straight stairlift will take you directly up a straight line of steps but will be ineffectual when it comes to any staircase that curves, turns, or bends. These stairlifts are dependable but limited to the types of stairs they can be used for. Which is why you turn to its sister model.

#2. Curved stairlift

This is the model you go for when you have any kind of turns or bends for your staircase. These stairlifts are elaborately built, and will freely navigate corners, changes, and bends in the trajectory of the staircase. These are quickly becoming just as, if not more popular than their straightforward sibling model, because curved staircases are much more common than one might at first suspect. As such, if your staircase isn’t straightforward enough for a straight stairlift, turn to this model instead.

#3. Battery powered stairlifts

When it comes to the type of power for one of these lifts, you’re looking at two options. One is electrical powered, which work just fine, but the chord can be cumbersome, and it makes a lot of noise. Battery powered stairlifts, on the other hand, recharge either at the base station or on the track itself, provide a smoother ride than the electric model, and are significantly quieter than the electric variety. While both perform their function just fine (neither would be on the market if it were otherwise) battery powered stairlifts are the ones people tend to gravitate to more, so they are the more recommended model.

Stairlifts have been steadily growing in popularity among the senior population, and for good reason. They provide excellent service for those who simply can’t walk up and down the stairs like they used to. If you need a stairlift either for yourself or for a loved one, look up A2B Stairlifts Ltd.

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