Everything About Straight Stair Lifts in Exeter

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Stairlifts

Straight stair lifts in Exeter can help you get the freedom that you want to travel about your home freely. When you are in need of either a permanent solution to getting up and down the stairs and getting around your home, a stair lift meant for straight staircases can be the solution you have been hoping for.

Is it Right for You?

A stair lift can help you. If you have trouble going up and down the stairs in your home having a lift will help you to explore and go all through your home without the fear of falling. With a push of a button you will be able to go up and down the stairs with ease. The lift offers:

* Easy push button operation

* A powerful hinge to swing the lift out of the way when not in use

* Safe secure operation

If you are permanently disabled and have difficulty getting u p and down the stairs it can be frustrating and stressful. Having a lift can give you back your ability to freely move around your home. You should be safe in your home and not have to fear falling on the steps. A lift removes the danger of damaging falls. Click here to get more information.

Renting a Stair Lift

If you or your loved one doesn’t need a stair lift for a long term you can easily take advantage of the rental option that is offered by A2B Stairlifts Ltd! If you need to rent, the company will charge you weekly or monthly whichever way you prefer to pay. The servicing and any of the maintenance is also included in the rental charge! It is as great solution for the long term or the short term!

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