Finding the Best Curved Stairlifts in Plymouth

Posted By Albino Alameda on Jun 9, 2023 |

Finding the Best Curved Stairlifts in Plymouth

When you or a love one has mobility issues, for whatever reason, stairs can be an intimidating part of daily life in your home. When you consider that falls are the number one cause for injury in the elderly, it is no wonder why stairlifts are considered to be literal lifesavers for many. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for the best curved stairlifts in Plymouth:

 * Size Requirements– some chairs are bigger than others and some lifts are able to hold more and accommodate bigger rigs such as wheelchairs. You will need to make sure your lift fits your size needs.

 * Weight Limitations– every type and style chairlift will have different weight limitations and it is important to make sure you chair can hold you safely before having one installed in your home.

 * Distance and Height– some stairlift designs are better suited for different size staircases so make sure yours can handle the distance it needs to travel and any height requirements for easy usage.

 * Price Considerations– price will also come into play so shop and compare features and prices and find a stairlift that will meet your needs while also fitting within your budget and spending guidelines.

 * Speed of Travel– depending on how large your staircase is, speed could be a factor- you don’t want to go too fast and get hurt but taking five minutes to go up a flight of stairs could also be problematic.

If you need help finding the best stairlifts for yourself or a family member who has difficulty climbing stairs on a regular basis, we are here to help! A2B Stairlifts Ltd has years of experience and we offer a wide range of sizes, styles, and layouts so you can find the lift that meets all your wants and needs. Come by and see our selection today!