What to Check on Your Stairlift

Posted By admin on Mar 28, 2018 |

What to Check on Your Stairlift

The best way to tell if your stairlift is experiencing problems is to keep watch for stutters in functionality, strange noise, or listening for a constant beeping noise. When you notice one or more of these, then you should start looking around for problems. Where to look is crucial and might help you figure out whether or not you need to call a repair company to have a look at your stairlift. If you are in possession of or searching for stairlifts in Plymouth, here are the most common areas to check to help determine whether there’s a problem with them or not.

#1. The Power Supply

The first thing you should check is to make sure that the power supply’s power chord is correctly plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is, then make sure that the outlet it’s plugged into works properly or is on. Power outlets have electrical circuit breakers that control whether they put out power or not. After confirming this, and that there’s nothing wrong with the chord and the power supply itself, move on to the next two.

#2. The key switch

Key switch complaints are far more common than one might suspect. If your stairlift isn’t working, then perhaps your stairlift’s key switch is still technically in the off position, despite being mostly turned to the on position. As for where the key switch is, this can vary to a lot of different places, from the arm rest, to the top landing chassis, or lower front cover, to name a few. It won’t take you that long if you know what you’re looking for.

#3. Error code

If there is a problem, and simple diagnostic isn’t cutting it, but you don’t know how to spot actual problems with this machinery, then look for the error codes. Each code means some different kind of error, which your owner’s manual will walk you through. Most of the codes indicate a simple problem, that just requires a quick look over by a local repair company to figure out and fix what’s wrong. Other times it may be something legitimately serious and it probably won’t take you long to see the problem on your own. But the error code is a good heads up to these problems, so you can have someone work them out early.

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