Tips for Successful Flight Experience

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Flight School

A flying experience allows potential pilots to experience flying before they complete their course. Other people book a flight experience as a way of determining whether they want to be pilots. People with non-pilot ambitions also enjoy flight experiences for fun. Regardless of your reasons for flight experience in Exeter, the flight company lays down the procedure for the experience.

Unable to Fly

A bad weather day is a sure reason for postponed or delayed flight experience. Most flight experience providers request you to call them on the day of the experience to confirm the weather is right for flying. If the weather is not good, you are requested to make a booking for a later day. When booking for the experience, you are requested to specify the number of passengers that you expect to have on that day. Since most companies offer 2 or 4 seater flights, you cannot go beyond the stated number. The capacity of the airplane and length of the experience determine the amount charged.

To the detail Preparedness

Before flying, you are requested to fill some forms. Since you may not have met you instructor for the day, you are introduced and allowed to make any arrangements with him concerning the flight experience. This is the time that you should express your most preferred route or destination for good planning.

Safety before Fun

The instructor takes time to orient you to the aircraft, on-board systems, main controls, and emergency procedures. For your peace of mind, all planes are taken for a pre-flight inspection. The instructor guides you as you control the flight. If you feel uncomfortable, talk to him. As a requirement, the instructor helps you to take off and to land the flight then allows you to control it. You earn a certificate of flying after touchdown. Click here for more information.

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