5 Must-Know Suggestions for First Time Tobacco Smokers

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Electronic Cigarettes

You’ve finally decided to give pipe tobacco a try after all these years. Before you take a puff, though, here are a few tips to help you choose one that will appeal to you:

Know what you like

What kind of flavors appeal to you? Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you’d like to start with blends that include sweet flavors like cherry and vanilla or caramel, says Puff. There are also minty variants that you can go for. Explore those flavors to and pick ones that you’d like.

Know the brands

Not all tobaccos are made equal. That’s why you’ll want to do a bit of research on the brand first before you commit to a tobacco stick. Choosing one of the most popular brands can give you a pleasant first experience of smoking tobacco, one that’s going to leave you excited to try more. A bad one, though, might put you off and make you wary of giving tobacco smoking another try so be careful about the brand you choose.

Note down what you don’t like

Testing different blends is a must if you want to know flavors work well for you. That’s going to mean learning to identify the notes you don’t want as well. By knowing the blends or notes that don’t appeal to you, you can avoid these much better in the future when you restock on pipe tobacco supplies and blends.

Try using different pipes

Some use different pipes because they’re careful about remnants cross-contamination. You could give this a try as well, dedicating one pipe to certain blends so the flavor stays the same.

Go for samplers

Samplers are an easy and cost-effective way to try out as many flavors as you can so give these a try. You can manage your costs better with samplers as well.

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