All about Double Glazing

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Glazing

The first attempt to use double glazing was in 1930’s. Ever since then, modern technology has been used to improve glazing over time. The improvements and the increase in the number of manufacturers in the industry have made the glazed windows much more affordable. In regions which experience summer and winter, the glass serves to control heat loss and gain.

What is double glazing?

It is where two glasses are fitted in a window frame. In between the glasses, there is a space which prevents heat from being transferred either to the inside or outside the glass barriers. The glass is transparent which allows light to pass through. It also has acoustic and thermal properties which make it a good source of insulation.

Properties of the glass

Glass is beautiful and people love it for that. It also provides a perfect visual solution for any home. It is also loved as it allows light to pass through while at the same time keeping elements out. However for glazing, a specific glass is used: it has to be 4mm thick. You can choose to have it coated, tinted, or clear.

The Double Glazed Window

You can buy factory standard sized glazed windows according to the size that you want. They do not come fitted; a glazer has to fit the two windows together. To create a double glazed window in Farnham, he first of all cuts the spacers needed. Next, he cleans the panes using special fluid so that the surfaces remain clear. The spacers are fitted between the windows by applying adhesive on the opposite sides of the spacer then attaching the windows. After this, silicon adhesives are used to seal the outside edges of the panels. Your window is now ready to be fitted in the right place.

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