All about Sash Window Replacements

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Home Improvement

Timber sash windows are a treasure for those people whose homes have such. The homeowners are at times reluctant to change the windows even when it is for the sake of energy efficiency. If you own a home with such windows, then you understand the dilemma. The great news is that sash and case window replacements in Edinburgh can be a great option to not only keep the aesthetic appeal of your windows, but to make them more energy efficient with replacements that have double glazing as well.

Replacing Your Windows Is a Good Choice

If your windows are old, chances are they have suffered from wear over time and are no longer energy efficient. Older windows were not made near as well as what windows today are. Installing sash and case replacement windows in Edinburgh is a great choice if you want to keep drafts out of your home during the winter months, and if you want to reduce your energy bills by a significant amount.

Why you need to replace with the same kind of windows

* Homes with sash windows typically have them because they are installed with a purpose. These windows can be customized to fit your window size, so additional construction work will not be needed to install them in most cases.

* Sash windows are also used as fire exits, and they have security features which other windows do not always provide.

Double Glazing is Best

If your home has single glazing, you could replace it with double glazing. This will give another layer of protection to keep the cold air out in the winter and the hot air out in the summer.

We will replace your sash windows professionally and maintain the integrity of your home. Our replacement work will also ensure that your home remains energy efficient and looks as attractive as before. Contact us at JBC.

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