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by | Mar 7, 2017 | Upholstery

An upholsterer gives new life to high quality furniture after it becomes old. They specialise in seats with cushions, springs, filling, and covering fabric. Are you wondering why you should upholster your furniture? You cannot compare the value and quality of ancient furniture with modern day furniture. Most modern day carpenters use short-cuts and they no longer use high quality material.

Tips on cost

The cost of upholstering depends on the quality of fabric to be used and the condition of the furniture at the time of upholstering. The cost of changing the cover of a seat is less compared to the cost of repairing a sagging settee. Make sure you know the different stages that the renovation will take, the cost and time lines. Professional upholsterers always offer quotations; take advantage of this service to make sure you hire the most affordable upholsterer without compromising on the quality of their work.

Choosing an upholsterer

A good upholster repairs old pieces and makes new upholstered furniture. When choosing an upholsterer, make sure they understand your requirements and they have the skills and experience needed to complete the task.

Where to find them

The best way to find an upholsterer from Edinburgh is through word of mouth. Talk to relatives or friends who have used the services of upholsterers before for referrals. If you do not get an expert through referral, check online. Before signing a contract with an upholsterer, visit their workshops or showrooms to see their workmanship. If it pleases you, you can hire them but if not, look for another one.

Additional information

It is always good to hire an upholsterer from Edinburgh whose workshop is located close to where you live. If the workshop is close, you can visit it any time and it will not cost much to transport the furniture to the workshop. Some upholsterers offer free transportation services but make sure you first inquire.

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