Areas that Need Major Upholstery Work

by | May 31, 2017 | Upholstery

Have you ever contracted someone to help you with a job then they failed to do it as you wanted? You end up feeling very disappointed and wish that you had not contracted the person to carry out the task for you. When it comes to upholstery, you need to be very clear with upholsterers in Glasgow about what you want. Upholstering costs a sizeable amount of cash to buy the fabric and pay for labour so no one wants to lose the amount in shoddy work.

Before your upholsterer begins their work, they need to examine the following areas of the furniture to determine the real work needed.

1. Frame – The frame holds the furniture in place so it is important to confirm its state. The upholsterer needs to know whether the frame needs to be tightened, glued or clamped.

2. Fabric – In most cases people change the fabric of their furniture. Talk to your upholsterer from Glasgow to get an estimate of the cost of the fabric. If your upholsterer does not have the fabric, find out where he is outsourcing it from and the day of delivery. Do not forget to give every detail about the colour, texture, patterns and such about the fabric.

3. Springs – Your furniture’s springs can become loose or damaged with time. A good upholsterer always examines the state of the springs before starting the job. Confirm with him if you will be charge for tightening or replacing the springs.

4. Style and design – Be clear to the upholsterer whether you want the furniture to retain its original design or you want to alter it. If you want to change it, make sure you provide clear details and if you have pictures provide the upholsterer with them.

Our upholsterers are keen on detail and they follow instructions. You can therefore be sure that we will upholster your furniture the way you would like it to be. Contact us at Nu‐Rest Re‐upholstery for more information.

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