Buying the right Mobility Access Equipment

Posted By admin on Dec 1, 2016 |

Buying the right Mobility Access Equipment

Permanent or temporary mobility challenges can make you completely dependent on other people. To overcome the dependence, you can use mobility access equipment in Bridgwater. A scooter and a wheelchair are among the equipment that can make life more bearable when you have mobility issues.

Before buying a scooter or a wheelchair, consider the following points:

* Do you intend to use the equipment for short term or long term basis?

* Is it for outdoor or indoor use?

* Will you use the wheelchair or scooter to go into or out of your car?

* Do you want a scooter or wheelchair that is pushed by someone else, self-propelled or electric powered?

* How is your physical ability? Can you stand on your own? If you cannot stand on your own, then you may not be able to operate a scooter comfortably.

* How will you ensure the scooter or wheelchair remains functional at all times? Is the power point accessible or do you need someone to help you access it?

If you choose to buy a wheelchair, remember its design will determine its use. The following points explain better:

* If you want a wheelchair that you can manoeuvre easily, look for one with large rear wheels

* When it comes to comfort, look at the size of the seat, the style, position of the arm rests, foot and back

* A wheelchair whose wheels are positioned on the forward side of an adjustable axle make the wheelchair easy to move; very little energy is required to move it

* If you travel often, buy a wheelchair whose seat can be dismantled or folded with ease

Good mobility access equipment in Bridgwater falls within your budget, is easy to operate, meets your needs, and improves your convenience when it comes to mobility. We offer scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, and footwear to aid in mobility. Contact us at Exeter Disability Centre Ltd today.