Choose the best chair lift for your home

Posted By admin on Jun 15, 2016 |

Choose the best chair lift for your home

For the many people who have difficulty getting up and down stairs on a daily basis, installing a chair lift can be the answer they were looking for. As the population ages, there are many who are either frightened of falling on steps or who are simply too frail or are disabled and therefore can’t manage to climb even one step. A chair lift restores a person’s independence and allows them to have access to all parts of their home in a safe manner.

What does a chair lift entail?

In essence, this is simply a chair that runs up and down a staircase on a motorised rail. The rail is attached to the stairs, and is extremely stable. These chairs are easy to install, simple to use, and can become attractive features in a home. The chair is pulled by a strong cable that usually operates off electricity, but which can work on rechargeable batteries. Staircases come in many different sizes and shapes, so chair lifts need to be designed to fit these. The easiest chair lifts to arrange are for straight staircases, as no customisation of the rails is required. The rails are simply cut to match the length of the stairs.

How safe are chair lifts?

Most chair lifts have safety features such as backup batteries if the electricity supply fails. A ‘soft’ stop and start function allows for a smooth ride, with no jolting of the passenger. As it can be difficult to get into the chair, as most face away from the wall next to the stairs, having a swivel seat makes it much easier to get on and off. Other options include safety belts and even a call station if there is a problem and the person needs help. Some models have sensors that can detect an object in the path of the chair and can immediately stop the chair automatically. All these features should be discussed with a company that specialises in providing chair lifts in Guildford, as you’ll be able to learn about the entire range of models available. You should also check on the length of warranty offered on each model before making a final decision.

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