Choosing a Frame for Your Double Glazing in Maidstone

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Doors and Windows

Are you constantly looking for ways to make the home more energy efficient? If so, double glazing in Maidstone will be a worthwhile investment. These high-quality windows not only reduce heat loss and improve sound insulation but also, they increase safety. Most windows of this type are covered with a 10-year guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on repairs if they fail in any way. After you have hired a professional to install A-rated windows, you can start thinking about the aesthetic side of things.

Timber Frames

An eco-friendly choice, timber is a strong type of wood that will look good on modern and period properties. The high-quality and ease of construction associated with timber makes it a popular choice for double glazing in Maidstone. Timber frames can be fitted quickly, which is appealing for business owners who don’t want work to be disrupted when renovations are taking place. Timber also retains heat very well, but there does tend to be a higher risk of condensation when double glazed windows are framed with this wood.

Aluminium Frames

A strong type of metal, aluminium is significantly more long-lasting than plastic-framed double glazing in Maidstone, but is also more expensive. Over the last few years, there has been a lot of market development for aluminium, which resists weathering and denting well. An increased level of security is guaranteed when double glazed windows are secured with aluminium frames, and the fact that they are available in a rainbow of colours makes them an ideal choice for the typical homeowner. The chances of water infiltration are minimal and there is low risk of air infiltration, too, making aluminium one of the best framing materials on the market today.

UPVC Frames

The cheapest framing option for double glazing in Maidstone is uPVC. This type of plastic is actually a lot better than people first realise. A galvanised steel core is hidden in the centre of the frame, which makes it a strong choice. Weather-proof, uPVC window frames could make the winter months a lot more bearable for you and the people living in the household. You won’t need to maintain the frames all that much either, but there are a few cons associated with uPVC – it is not environmentally friendly and it can look uninspired when compared to other materials. Browse website to get more information.

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