Common Costs of Garage Door Repair

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Garage Doors

So, you’ve just discovered that your garage door is broken. Through a variety of different circumstances, you are now unable to get your car out of your house without incurring quite the damages bill. Luckily, there are plenty of professional repair and maintenance companies out there willing and able to help. But what price tag are you going to be looking at when all’s said and done? It will of course vary depending on the company, but there is a general baseline by which most repair companies follow. So, if you are seeking garage doors repairs in Taunton, here are the most common repairs, and what the cost generally is.

#1. Broken spring

This is the most common problem that arises with garage doors: the spring for the garage door itself. This is inevitable, as it is the most worked over part of the entire mechanism. After so many times being used, metal fatigues and inevitably breaks from the strain. This is a simple replacement job, and the cost is determined by whether your garage door needs one or two springs. With all required materials and labour, you’re looking at a total price of anywhere from £50-200.

#2. Broken cable

If the spring breaks, the cable is there to keep the garage door from falling and potentially crushing you or your car. Therefore, while simple, it is something that you want to make sure is still in good working order, just in case. While the cable itself is surprisingly expensive and easy to get, installation can take some time, even when you hire a professional. The general cost of doing so will look somewhere between £75-150.

#3. Bent door track

It won’t take you long to notice this problem, because it’s likely you’re the one who caused it. Garage door tracks mostly become bent around the base, when a misaligned car backs into it, bending it. In lesser cases you can just knock it back into place with a soft mallet, and that’ll be the end of it, but in more serious cases, a professionals hand is required. The cost for such a job is typically around £80-150.

Compared to other home repair jobs, it’s not inexpensive, per say, but it could be a lot worse. Be on the lookout for any problems, and call a repairman when they do, and you should be good to go. And if you need to know which repair service to call, there’s no one better than G & T Garage Doors and Gates.

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