Common Garage Door Problems

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Garage Doors

Garage doors stay for a long time before breaking down but when any faults happen, you need to attend to them immediately. Garage door faults interfere with the functioning of the door and can be an inconvenience.

The following are the most common garage door problems and solutions to the problems;

* Obstruction – Objects such as stones, tools and pebbles can interfere with the working of the electric garage door if they are left on the pathway of the door. Ensure that the door’s pathway is clear and that there are no objects in the way. To prevent objects stored in the garage from becoming an obstruction, arrange them properly away from the garage door.

* When the door does not open – Your electric garage door from South Wales can fail to open or close which is a risky situation. Before you call an expert in electric garage doors, check your batteries for the remote. If you have not changed them for some time, it may be time to change them. If the batteries are in good condition, contact an expert in garage door repair expert. In most cases, either the spring, track or motor has a problem of which the expert will identify and rectify.

* Door won’t stay open – Your electric garage door should be able to stay open when you reach the maximum height. You may however notice that your door droops or closes after you reach maximum height. The cause of such problem is the spring. A garage door has extension springs and torsion springs. When the springs become lose or when they fail completely, they are unable to provide the necessary support to the door. Talk to an expert in electric garage door from South Wales. The expert will inspect and either replace, adjust or repair the electric garage door.

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