Comparing Sliding And Bi Fold Doors For Kent Homes

by | May 14, 2018 | Doors and Windows

Having an entrance into the garden from the home is a great way to open up space inside and to also add to the use of the outdoor space in the garden. Kent homeowners have different options in patio doors, with the sliding patio door and the bi fold two of the most common options.

Comparing the two and understanding the benefits and the possible considerations of choosing one over the other is helpful before making a purchase. Both doors are practical, durable and offer a long-lasting solution for any home. Of course, it will be important to choose quality patio doors and installation services for the home.

Bi Fold Doors

While not as traditional as other patio door options, bi fold doors are becoming increasingly popular. As the name implies, these doors fold to open, creating a large, unobstructed entrance to the home.

When closed, the doors form two large full-length windows, bringing in light to the home. They have multi-point locking systems and are very secure, with the frames available in a range of colours to match the home décor and style.

Sliding Patio Doors

Unlike the bi fold patio doors, the sliding doors operate on a track, with one door sliding behind the other to open the door, then sliding back to close the door. These doors are ideal for a small space on a patio where the bi fold door may not be practical.

Both sliding and bi fold doors come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate any home. Customisation is possible with both types of doors with weight and other factors setting the upper limit on the possible size.

In Kent and the surrounding areas, a top company to contact regarding both bi fold and sliding patio doors is The Window Sanctuary. Their expertise and experience will ensure the correct patio door selection for your home.

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