Consider the Benefits of Moving an Elder to a Quality Care Home

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Assisted Living Facility

When a parent or elderly relative no longer has the capability of taking care of themselves safely in their own home, then a quality care home is the ideal solution. Even though, the first instinct is to move them in with you, in most cases this scenario becomes time-consuming and stressful. People don’t seem to realize that it also can harm the relationship you have with your parent or elderly relative. Consider the benefits of moving an elder to a quality care home. A couple of the benefits consist of professional medical care around the clock and the opportunity for your elderly relative or parent to spend quality time with people of their own age group. If you’re looking for a quality care home that provides exceptional residential care in Plymouth Torr Home is the best choice.

Professional Caregivers Offer Quality Residential Care Services

Making the transition in moving your elder to a care home is easy when you are greeted by professional care staff and nurses. Professional caregivers offer quality residential care services in Plymouth that will have your elder feel at ease. Skilled caregivers recognize that each resident has different needs. Therefore, a tailored care plan is created to ensure that those needs are met. Each resident is treated with the utmost respect and with dignity. Your elder will feel safe and welcomed in their new home that has spacious rooms with adjoining facilities.

Amenities and Stimulating Opportunities Include:

* Explore Spacious Grounds and Gardens with Breathtaking Views Across Plymouth

* Chiropody and Hairdressing

* Large Minibus for Day Trips

* Trips, Entertainment, and Activities

* Laundry Service

* Dietary Requirements Catered for with Varied and Balanced Menus

* Relaxing and Beautiful Conservatory Area

* Resident Lounge with a Large Television and Comfortable Seating

Elders Can Enjoy Their Twilight Years in Comfort

Torr Home is a high-quality care home that offers elders excellent residential care services in Plymouth. With certified care staff made available at all times elders can peace of mind in knowing they will be properly taken care of. This gives elders the opportunity to enjoy their twilight years in comfort and be surrounding by people that care.

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