Different Types of Cameras and Their Outstanding Features

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Security System Supplier

CCTV cameras are used to provide security in residential and business premises. The cameras have outstanding features which are closely tied to the purpose in which they are meant to function. Some of the most common cameras include; internal static dome cameras, high speed pan, tilt and zoom dome cameras, infra-red cameras, anti-vandal cameras, full 1080p high resolutions cameras, external fixed cameras, cover cameras, dummy cameras, IP cameras.

CCTV That Derive Their Names from Their Housing

With dome shaped CCTV cameras in Cardiff, you will be able to focus on areas that require more security without alerting intruders of the exact location where the camera is pointing. This will keep away intruders as they are not sure whether the camera is recording their activities or not. The dome housing is mainly used where the camera needs to be concealed. Discreet or convert cameras are designed to look like motion sensors, smoke detectors or like stationary house additions. Due to their discreet shape, they achieve aesthetic value when installed in specific locations. All types of housing withstand different unfriendly environments, but they capture images as clearly as other CCTV cameras.

Utilize Cameras That Draw Their Name from Their Positioning

Fixed cameras are stationed at a stationary position. They are installed in a way that enables them to capture images from an intended direction. The cameras can either be found in the exterior or interior of premises. You can try PTZ cameras, which are a type of CCTV camera that can tilt, zoom and pan in any direction. They have gears and motors that the operator remotely moves to zoom into an object or person within a specified area.

Specific Features Which Determine the Name of Cameras

High resolution cameras capture fine details, but they require more processing power and space to store the images. There are also cameras which have capabilities that allow them to switch between night and day depending on the amount of light available. Infrared cameras have their own light so they can capture images even when it is dark. Dragon Fire and Security Systems offers cameras depending on your needs. They are recognized by NACOSS GOLD for CCTV systems. Visit the site for more details.

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