Do You Need a Tax Accountant in Tadworth for Personal Tax Advice?

Posted By Albino Alameda on Oct 17, 2023 |

Do You Need a Tax Accountant in Tadworth for Personal Tax Advice?

Hiring a tax accountant in Tadworth for personal advice and tax planning could save you time and money. As an individual, you could get more take-home income and lower your risk of errors on the tax return.

People will likely have to pay taxes in various ways, including on income, on savings interests, on assets inherited, and on investment growth. It’s often difficult to determine if you owe anything and how much that might be.

Unless your taxes are pretty simple, it’s generally wise to have a tax accountant in Tadworth helping you find ways to reduce your tax bill and calculate how much you own.

In most cases, your tax accountant will go over all the income you receive. If you’re on the employer’s payroll, and it’s the only source of income, you might not need assistance. However, freelancers, contractors, and those with other income sources, such as rental properties, might have trouble doing it all themselves.

A tax accountant will help you with:

  • Tax Returns – A tax accountant in Tadworth can help you fill out the forms and submit your tax returns. They’ll also offer a planning review to make sure you’re aware of the opportunities available to reduce your personal tax liability.
  • Capital Gains Tax – If you sell any assets that increase in value, you could be responsible for paying capital gains tax. This can include shares, stocks, antiques, and other items. Likewise, CGT must be paid when you sell properties.

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