Do You Require Chairlifts or Stairlifts in Portsmouth As a Mobility Aid?

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Senior Care

In today’s day and age it is not uncommon to see people using personal care and mobility products as a way of feeling independent. From wheelchairs for individuals with mobility problems to scooters for elderly people, the broad selection of products sold in the modern market are designed to suit people of all physical abilities. If you live in a property with stairs and find it difficult to walk up and down the stairs, invest in stairlifts in Portsmouth.

Stairlift Benefits

Growing in popularity, stairlifts in Portsmouth have quickly become the top mobility aid choice for people in residential and commercial properties. Many hospitals, retail buildings and hotels are now being fitted with stairlifts, which provide guests and customers with easy access to other areas of the building. The device’s seat will be positioned at the top or bottom of the staircase, where it will travel along a railing. People who work in a building that requires visiting different levels can make their life easier with a product of this kind.

Chairlift Benefits

If you regularly use a wheelchair you should invest in chairlifts, rather than stairlifts. These devices are crafted to accommodate wheelchairs, enabling the user to get to various building levels without difficulty. A common feature in commercial buildings, the device can be operated with the touch of a button. It functions mechanically and can be fitted onto big and small staircases. Just like with stairlifts, chairlifts can be purchased or rented. Think about your requirements when deciding whether to buy or rent.

Finding a Supplier

You should first know what brands of stairlifts in Portsmouth are available and research to find out what one is best before you can find a supplier. A good supplier will stock products from the best brands and will boast more positive than negative reviews from customers. You would be better off working with a company that also offers installation, so that you don’t have to pay two different companies for two separate services. Assistance with maintenance and annual device check-ups are some desirable services you should look for when seeking out a mobility aid specialist.

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