Electrical Jobs that you Should Never Do on your Own

Posted By admin on Mar 7, 2018 |

Electrical Jobs that you Should Never Do on your Own

Do not underestimate electricity. It’s one of the most useful energy sources on the planet, but also one of the most dangerous to the human body. Being struck by enough volts at once in just the right place can kill you faster than you can process what just happened. However, electricians are expensive, so there’s a temptation to DIY electrical repair. While some jobs are fine, others require the touch and tools of a professional. So, if you’re iffy about hiring an electrician in Exeter, be sure that you’re hiring them for one of these following, potentially life-threatening electrical jobs.

#1. Doing anything with service lugs

If you don’t know what those are, then you should never, ever touch them. For added context, service lugs are the large screw terminals/posts that secure the service cables to the circuit breaker. The main thing to note about them is that they are always hot from the electricity, even when the power is turned off. If there is something wrong with them or the cables they’re attached to, ask an electrician to look at it, because these screws and the cables they’re attached to can cause some serious damage if you aren’t careful.

#2. Mess with the Weatherhead

Don’t even think about it, friend. For those not in the know, the Weatherhead, or service mast, is the metal pole connecting your house to the electrical service lines.

#3. Electrical Work Behind the Walls of Your Home

If there are fixtures that must be removed to repair an electrical component in your home, you need to call an electrician. A misstep behind that walls may cause an electrical fire in your home if not done correctly. You also need to protect yourself from being liable for those damages to your home, especially if you are renting.

While it is safe for certain electrical repairs to be done DIY, with others, professionals like Sunflower Electrical Services should be trusted instead.