Enjoy the Summer in Your Conservatory By Choosing the Right Glass in Farnborough

Posted By admin on Apr 9, 2015 |

Enjoy the Summer in Your Conservatory By Choosing the Right Glass in Farnborough

With summer on its way you are guaranteed to want to spend time in your conservatory. Before the barbecues, pool parties and family get-togethers commence, a little home improvement wouldn’t go amiss. You can really make the most of those sunny afternoons if you pay to get the glass updated on conservatories. When the right type of glass in Farnborough is chosen, you can make your investment go further and welcome floods of natural light throughout the season.

Heat Reflective Glass

This type of glass is also called energy efficient glass. It is a good choice of glass in Farnborough for people who don’t want heat to escape their property, particularly during winter. A metallic coating covers the glass on one side and this coating makes the heat reflective glass look slightly grey or brown. Energy from the sun can pass through the glass without heat loss occurring thanks to this coating. Heat reflective glass can be used for double glazing and even for triple glazing, which has three panes of glass.

Toughened Safety Glass

Make sure you check the standards set out by British Standard EN 12600 in UK Building Regulations when getting toughened safety glass fitted by glaziers. This type of glass in Farnborough is first heated at a temperature of 600-620 degrees Celsius, before being cooled. It can be cut to pretty much any size and is recommended for conservatories. The reason for this is because it will be much more troublesome for a criminal to break in, therefore you need not worry about thieves entering your property.

Frosted Glass

Another type of glass in Farnborough is frosted glass. This glass is often chosen for its decorative appearance. You might have noticed that a lot of bathrooms have frosted glass, because it adds an element of privacy to the space. It can be crafted with an array of tints and patterns and if a sandblaster is used, finishes can be etched onto the glass. Should you be getting double glazed windows fitted on your property, consider getting a pane of frosted glass fitted in-between the double glazed panes. When light passes through the frosted glass that is jammed in-between, it will scatter around the room.

If you’re not sure what glass in Farnborough to choose for your conservatory, let the team at Allways Glazing Works Ltd. help.