Ensuring that your car is well serviced

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Automotive

Car servicing is not the scary thing it used to be. Those who are unfamiliar with the workings of a car were worried when they needed to take their vehicle in for a service as they felt that the mechanics could do almost anything they liked and charge as much as they wanted, and the car-owners would be none the wiser. Fortunately, modern cars are largely controlled by electronic devices, which means that an engine management system can diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. If you live in Totnes and are in need of car servicing, you should enquire from local garages whether they have the sophisticated computer equipment needed for your model of car. The engine management system needs to be properly serviced to ensure that you keep getting correct information about what problems might occur with your car.

What engine management system servicing entails

Modern technology provides endless superior solutions to make cars more fuel-efficient and to improve the driving experience, but it also means that more things can go wrong. Most cars have fuel injection systems, throttle sensors, and air flow meters. Some even have oxygen and crankshaft sensors, and all of these need to be operating effectively. Should any of these systems be malfunctioning, your car’s service will highlight the problem. If your engine management system if working effectively, it means that your car will generally be running smoothly and all systems will be properly monitored.

Choosing a garage for car servicing in Totnes

The price and the length of time of your service will depend on whether you need a simple oil change and filter service or whether this is a high-mileage comprehensive service. Regardless of what you need, you should ensure that the garage you go to has well trained technicians and that they attend regular courses. Technology is constantly advancing so you need to make certain that the employees at the garage you visit are at the top of their game. Motor Industry Codes of Practice are in place to protect the consumer so it’s a good idea to check that your garage subscribes to these. It’s also very helpful if they have registered MOT testers and that their technicians have Automotive Technician Accreditation.

Depending on the type of service, your brakes and shock absorbers should be checked. Not only are these essential for safe driving, but could also lead to a failed MOT test if they are faulty. Most cars now have air-conditioning so it’s important to make certain that your system is running smoothly. Your car battery, tyres, and exhaust will be checked during a comprehensive service. A problem with the exhaust can often lead to reduced efficiency and could cause a failed emissions test. Other areas such as your gearbox and clutch should all form part of total engine checking, and any faults should be picked up in an engine diagnostic test. Click here to get more information.

Having your car serviced in Totnes can be made easy if your garage has well trained technicians and up-to-date computer equipment. Monnington Motors Ltd has a branch in Totnes and has been offering auto services for many years.

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