Factors to consider before buying a pump

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Water Pump

Pumps are used to move hot and cold fluids from lower to higher levels. Since there are pumps for domestic, commercial sewage, water, irrigation, and other uses, you need to be specific about the qualities that you want in a pump. It is very unfortunate for you to buy pumps in Dorset that do not meet the purpose for which you buy it for, so, consider the following factors before you buy a pump.

* Distance between home and tank – If the distance is long or if your home is a multi-story, then you need a powerful pump. You need a pump of between 20 to 50 head pressure to effectively move the water up against gravity.

 * Water pressure – Depending on the purpose for which you want to use your pump for, the water pressure needed is different. In the case of domestic pump, you need to consider the taps in the house and the pressure needed by each tap. Showers and garden watering need a lot of water pressure while toilets and laundry and kitchen taps do not need very high pressure.

* Water pump noise – The noise can be annoying if it used often. To reduce the amount of noise, buy a pump cover or a free-standing tank pump free from noise. If you choose to buy a water pump cover, make sure it is large enough to allow air to flow so that the pump does not overheat. There is also the option of installing submersible pumps as they have less noise and they occupy less space.

* Energy use – The bigger the pump, the more the energy it requires to operate so buy the size that you need. If you buy a larger pump than you need, you will end up wasting money on energy as you will pay high electricity bills. To avoid wastage in energy, buy the right pump size and reduce the frequency of pumping the water.

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