Foot Discomfort? You May Be Wearing the Wrong Shoe Size

Posted By admin on Apr 26, 2016 |

Foot Discomfort? You May Be Wearing the Wrong Shoe Size

As a woman, you are told that your heels are supposed to feel uncomfortable at times or that it is natural to feel some pain. On the contrary, your shoes should not hurt. Instead, they should feel stylish, comfortable, and be easy to wear throughout the day.

If you are experiencing discomfort with your current size 11 women shoes, it may be the case that you are wearing the wrong size. Below are a few of the most common signs that indicate that your size 11 women shoes are not right for you:

You Develop Blisters

Blisters occur when the material from the shoe rubs against your skin for too long. As a result of the rubbing, friction, and heat, the skin becomes damaged. While a blister in itself is not painful, pain can develop if the blister pops.

If you develop blisters with your current pair of shoes, it is highly likely that you have the wrong size. If the shoe is causing blisters around the edges of your foot, then you may need a wider size. On the other hand, if the blisters are on your heel, then you may need a larger size. Either way, finding a size that fits you is the surest way to feel comfortable again.

You Cannot Feel Your Feet

Another sign that you are wearing the wrong shoe size is if at some point throughout the day, you cannot feel your feet. The numbness is usually caused by the shoe restricting blood flow to your foot. If you experience numbness, it is imperative to get a larger shoe size as soon as possible. Those who ignore numbness can permanently damage their foot’s circulation and their overall health.

When buying a new pair of shoes, make sure that the shoe does not feel too tight and that you are able to walk properly.

General Discomfort and Falling

Lastly, if you are experiencing any general discomfort and have a tendency to fall with a certain pair of shoes, then it is highly likely that you are wearing the wrong size. As mentioned earlier, your shoe should feel comfortable, no matter what you are doing or where you are going.

There is no good reason for you to develop blisters, numbness, or any other type of pain when wearing shoes. If you need a larger size, you should not be embarrassed. Instead, embrace the beauty of larger shoes tailored to your style needs.

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