Have a Fire Alarm Installed at Your Business

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Security Systems and Services

Do not let fire be one of the worries of your business. When you own a business you must have fire safety equipment on the premises. Having fire blankets, fire safety boxes, and extinguishers is not enough. You also need fire alarms installed. Why are fire alarms necessary in making your business optimally safe? Why should this device be installed in every work area? The most devastating accident that can befall your business is not bankruptcy, it is a fire accident. As a business owner if your business goes up in flames you will spend a lot of time and effort in replacing everything which can become very costly. This is why it is important for you to have a fire alarm installed especially in the locations which has the highest probability to cause a fire. Quality fire alarms in Cardiff are provided by a reputable company that also has qualified engineers who can install them for you.

Reputable Company Provides Quality Fire Alarms

By choosing a company that is BAFE approved professionals can commission, install and design fire alarm systems. Most insurance companies prefer that fire alarms be installed by a company that is BAFE certified. With a company being BAFE approved under the NSI GOLD scheme, their fire alarm systems will be inspected by an independent inspection organisation to make sure they comply with the BS 5839. This benefits you in many ways. You will be able to rest at ease in knowing that your fire alarm system you purchased and had professional engineers install will function correctly and meet the terms with the most recent standards. A 24 hour engineer call-out facility is also made available and covers a wide area.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make for Your Business and Employees

Purchasing and having fire alarms installed by professional engineers for your business will be one of the best investments you will ever make. In addition, since you chose to do business with a reputable company they also will advise you to have your fire alarms maintenance on a regular basis. This is to make sure the fire alarms still work properly and meet the standard terms. The assurance that your business is not prone to fire accidents makes a conductive and healthy working environment for your employees. Having quality fire alarms in your business will make your customers and employees comfortable, thus your business will be worry-free and smooth.

Dragon Fire & Security Systems provides quality design, installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems in Cardiff, UK and surrounding areas. Visit them online for more details.

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