How do automatic garage doors function?

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Garage Doors

Electric garage doors in South Wales open and close through a combination of an electric motor and drive mechanism, in most cases the door is operated by a remote controller although in some cases the door operation will be controlled from a keypad located at the end of the drive. The use of remote controls is by far the most common, the controller is carried in the vehicle, the driver simply activates it and a radio signal is sent to a receiver mounted on the opener. When the door is operated by remote control there is no need for the driver to get out of the vehicle.

When the homeowner enters the garage in the morning through a pass door, the main garage door can be activated from a wall mounted push button. Once the driver has cleared the door, it can be closed using the remote control. Click here to get more details.

Electric garage doors in South Wales open and close by a motor and drive mechanism which is rigidly mounted between the door tracks. The operator is fitted with an arm that is fastened to the top of the door, the arm moves one way or the other depending on whether the door is opening or closing. In the event of a power failure or a mechanical problem the arm can be disengaged, this allows for manual operation of the door. There is no concern that the door will come down on the top of the car or a person, every door is fitted with a safety mechanism that will instantly reverse the direction of the door.

There are three common drive systems that are used; screw, belt and chain. A system using a screw is very noisy, a system using a belt drive is certainly silent but belt wear is a concern. Systems using a chain drive are reasonably quiet and strong. As well as the type of drive, motor noise, motor power and power consumption are things to be considered as well.

When the drive mechanism for electric garage doors in South Wales is being selected by the supplier he will take into account the weight of the door. The electric operator must be capable of opening the door and holding it in a static position. Most garage door openers have a safety factor, most operate at about 60 percent of their rated capacity which ensures safe and reliable operation.

Automatic electric garage doors in South Wales operate at the touch of a button and they provide security and convenience. Access Garage Doors can fit an automatic opener to any type of garage door.

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