How to Choose the Best Timber Supply

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Construction & Contractors

The foundation of quality woodwork projects is able to choose the right wood for the specific project. Apart from looking at the aesthetic value of the wood and its current price, you need to think about how well the wood will work for the use that you intend to put it into. Do you need the timber for construction, renovation, small woodwork projects such as making toys or instruments? A timber merchant has various types of timber so you need to choose the type that meets your needs. Choosing the right timber guarantees quality woodwork.

Hardwoods versus Softwoods

Merchants stock both hardwood and softwood. For some timber products such as flooring materials, most merchants use hardwood such as oak. There are some timber products which are only found in either hard or softwood such as plywood. Some projects such as wood for furniture or gates, you can use either soft or hardwood. Make sure you talk to an experienced timber merchant so that they can guide you on the right choice. Hardwoods have unique colours, patterns and grains and textures which make the timber supplies exquisite and exotic. Most professional merchants that stock timber supplies in Exeter are always willing to provide advice on the best materials to use. They stock quality timber supplies and you will be happy with the quality of their timber.

The Merchant

Timber merchants stock various types of supplies including sheet material such as shuttering plywood which is good for outdoor construction, spruce plywood can be used as an alternative for regular plywood and when treated with Tanalith E, it can be used for exterior uses. Oriented Strand Boards are used for ceilings, sheathing walls and floors. The merchants also have MDF which is good for interior joinery and carpentry. Chipboard flooring is good for flooring applications. Another timber supply is the planned square end timber which is good for interior uses such as cabinetry. Browse the website for more details on professional merchant for a variety of timber supplies in Exeter.

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